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Thread: The End Of Commissioner Mode?

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    The End Of Commissioner Mode?

    Commissioner Mode has been around forever. I had the brilliant idea to track "Mogul Scores" and to only show them in white if you had achieved that score without "cheating". But Baseball Mogul is a "sandbox" game. You play to see what happens more than you play to get a high score or unlock achievements.

    So ... does anyone still care about Commissioner Mode? Or is it be more trouble than it's worth. For example I just exchanged a few emails with a someone who thought the Trades Screen was "broken" they couldn't offer any trades. I finally figured out they were in Commissioner Mode, which causes the "Offer Trade" button to be replaced by a "Force Trade" button.

    I realize this isn't a problem for most people reading this forum people who have played Baseball Mogul a lot. But it still seems like it would be better interface design for both of those buttons to be available (Offer Trade & Force Trade). Or would that just be too "tempting" to force a trade after a few rejections?
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    Re: The End Of Commissioner Mode?

    So you're saying that all the features of commissioner mode will still be available without actually going into commissioner mode? If so, that would have no impact on game play, at least to me.

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    Re: The End Of Commissioner Mode?

    I'd be fine with it as the computer rarely approves real world trades so to make them I have o go to Commissioner mode. It would save me the trouble if I could make real world trades without doing this.

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