I am currently playing a 162 game season. I did a fantasy draft for the rosters and I am controlling one team out of 29 with the computer controlling the rest. I have tried adjusting as many settings as I can think of, (example putting AI Trading frequency on +100. manually giving teams more cash...etc), I am more than half way into a 162 game season and the computer has not made one trade nor as offered any trades to me or computer to computer controlled teams. The only thing I have been able to do is initiate trades myself. So the only things under the transactions tab are my mine. I have even tried to "equalize cities, have turned things to -100 to disable the impact of salary, contract lenghts....etc. I thought if I can disable many of the financial options that would really help. Nothing has worked and driving me nuts. (:

Can someone kindly tell me exactly what I need to do step by step what I need to do? I would greatly appreciate it. And feel free to explain it like I am 6 years old as I am rather new to simulations sports games. Thanks so much!!! Please help me out.