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Thread: Scouting Report Error (3 stars)

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    Scouting Report Error (3 stars)

    I'm playing Baseball Mogul 2018 (v21.12) on a PC running Windows 10.

    I love this game and have played tens of thousands of games on general manager mode (yes, I realize how much of my life I've spent watching Baseball Mogul!)

    I've always been kinda bothered by lots of small buggy things in the game but usually don't report them (like the game crashing about once every 20-30 games, like there are never any intentional walks when you play general manager mode, like the scouting report incorrectly displaying the year when a contract is up). Anyway, the bug I'm reporting right now is certainly not important, as it does not affect game play. It's just erroneous. I'm reading a scouting report for a player and it says he's hitless in his last 15 at bats. But you can clearly see from the game log that he's gotten 2 hits in his last 15 at bats.

    Love the game. Long live Baseball Mogul.
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    Re: Scouting Report Error (3 stars)

    Unfortunately like the Game logs I don't think that the scouting reports and/or the newspaper articles are editable in any way.

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