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Thread: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

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    1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    System: Football Mogul 2020
    Kickoff Location: 40 yard line
    Touchback on kickoffs: 20 yard line
    Extra Point hash mark: 2 yard line
    No Overtime and no 2 point conversions

    Note: I will be reporting the FM2020 1951 season as it plays out on a weekly basis, with league updates/injury/free agent reports. I will be relocating the Chicago Cardinals a few years early to St. Louis and sending the New York Yanks to the west coast. Yes Sunny Southern California will see the birth of the San Diego Chargers in 1951. The goal is to improve on the New York Yanks 1-9-2 1951 NFL record.
    The league will be set up as listed below:

    American Conference
    Cleveland Browns
    New York Giants
    Washington Redskins
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Philadelphia Eagles
    St. Louis Cardinals (previously the Chicago Cardinals)

    National Conference
    Los Angeles Rams
    San Francisco 49ers
    Detroit Lions
    Chicago Bears
    Green Bay Packers
    San Diego Chargers (previously the New York Yanks)

    Monday, Jan 8, 1951

    “NFL in Southern California” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    A San Diego based Financial Group Altizer Incorporated has reported it has started negotiations with the NFL to acquire the ownerless NFL Franchise the New York Yanks. In an effort to re-invent the organization, former owner Ted Collins changed his franchise’s name from the Bulldogs to the Yanks and moved them to Yankee Stadium for the 1950 NFL season. Though his team recorded a winning record, finishing the 50’ campaign 7-5, an undisclosed financial situation forced Collins to sell his team back to the NFL. It has also been rumored that Alizer Inc. has agreed to repurpose the aging Balboa Stadium. Balboa Stadium was constructed in 1914 with a capacity of 15,000. The Stadium was originally designed by the Quayle Brothers architectural firm. “I feel confident that a relocation deal will be agreed upon soon,” commented Chester Altizer, Chairman of the Board of Altizer Inc., when the press caught up with him Monday evening. “Southern California is ready for the NFL,” he added with a smile.
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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Tuesday Jan 16, 1951

    “Yanks relocate to San Diego….Chicago Cards to St. Louis” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    NFL Commissioner Bert Bell and the eleven current team owners approved the purchase of the New York Yanks to Altizer Inc. late Tuesday morning. It has been reported that the ownerless franchise was sold for roughly $300,000. “I am proud to announce that a deal has been struck between Commissioner Bell and the other owners…….The National Football Leagues is coming to San Diego,” announced Chester Altizer in a press conference immediately following the closed door negotiations. “We will begin the process of “relocation” on Wednesday. As part of the deal the current coaching staff and players will remain on the payroll for the upcoming ’51 season. In addition, Commissioner Bell has agreed to a minor expansion draft that will take place sometime in March…..after the draft…..I cannot disclose expansion draft details at this time. I can tell you that New York’s name sake, the Yanks, and previous team colors will stay on the east coast… we will be designing new uniforms…and will announce a new team name and logo competition on Thursday…..more detail to come on that as well……Get ready San Diego we will have an NFL franchise for the 1951 Season.” it was also reported that the “expansion” draft, for lack of a better term, will include the players from the defunct Baltimore Colts that met the same fate as the New York Yanks and hava not found a home for the ’51 season. The league will begin the ’51 campaign with 12 teams with the newly purchased San Diego ball club falling into the National division. In Addition, Commissioner Bell mentioned that Chicago Cardinals ownership has announced, as part of the New York relocation deal, that they are moving to St Louis and will play their ’51 games at Sportsman Park in St. Louis.
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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Saturday Jan 20, 1951

    “New Owners attend NFL Draft in Chicago” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    The NFL Draft concluded yesterday evening at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago. In attendance were new owners Chester and Claude Altizer along with San Diego’s lead man Jimmy Phelan and Associate Head Coach Glenn Dobbs Jr. It was the first formal introduction between the Altizer brothers and the defunct New York Yanks coaching staff. “We had to rely on a previously laid out game plan. After all it was just four days ago that we finalized the purchase of the organization. I am confident Mr. Phelan and his staff had an established game plan,” stated Chester Altizer Saturday night. Mr. Altizer also mentioned that the team logo competition, which concludes next week, has seen a lot of enthusiasm from the future fans of Southern California.

    1951 NFL Draft January 18-19, 1951, Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
    2nd Round (22nd) T Ken Jackson, 6’2” 236, Texas
    3rd Round (34th) T Mike McCormack, 6’4” 246, Kansas
    4th Round (46th) DE Elmer Wingate, 6’2” 230, Maryland
    8th Round (94th) C Larry Lauer, 6’3” 232, Alabama
    9th Round (106th) RB Alfred Pollard, 6’0” 196, Army
    10th Round (119th) DB David Filmer, 5’8” 166, UCLA
    10th Round (127th) QB Bob Celeri, 5’10” 180, California

    Friday February 2, 1951

    “Powder Blue, Sunshine yellow, and white – San Diego meet your CHARGERS” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    The San Diego based franchise unveiled new team colors and logo this afternoon. The winner’s, USC graduate Ryan Leahy, design was chosen from nearly 2,000 entries. “The Colors represent sunny southern California and the name “Chargers” represents our team’s infinite electrifying power and energy that nourishes players’ skills, determination, and will to win. That and being a USC graduate myself, they were yelling ‘charge’ and sounding the bugle at USC games… just fits,” announced Chester Altizer during Friday’s press conference.
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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Friday March 16, 1951

    “Chargers add 6 players to roster” – John Herbert, San Diego Union.

    The expansion draft concluded this afternoon and the San Diego Chargers came away 6 additions to their organization. The new “recruits” bring the Chargers roster to a total of 43 players as they ‘charger’ toward the ’51 season. In his first interview since the relocation of the defunct Yanks to San Diego, lead man Jimmy Phelan stated he was very pleased with the results and is surprisingly optimistic about the upcoming NFL season. The new players head to southern California include:

    QB Bob Williams, 6’1” 197, UCLA – from the Chicago Bears
    G Floyd Jaszewski, 6’4” 230, Minnesota – from the Detroit Lions
    DT Art Donovan, 6’2” 263, Boston College – from the defunct Baltimore Colts
    DT Thurman McGraw, 6’5” 235, Colorado State – from the Detroit Lions
    LB Al Caparella, 6’0” 235, Miami (FL) – from the San Francisco 49ers
    LB Tommy Thompson, 6’1” 221, William & Mary – from the Cleveland Browns

    In addition Coach Phelan was able to secure two additional players through some interesting trade negotiations. Defensive back Marvin Johnson from the LA Rams is headed south to San Diego in exchange for aging veteran DT-T-LB Ross Nagel and an undisclosed late round 1953 draft pick. The Chargers also acquired the rights Guard Bill Alright, who was originally drafted by the New York Giants in the 20th round in January. In other news work on additional seating at Balboa Stadium is in full swing. However, reports indicate that the stadium will not be ready in time for opening day. It was announced this morning that San Diego first home game may not happen until October 28 when the ‘Bolts’ host the Green Bay Packers. “We are disappointed with the’s just adding 11,000 more seats is turning out to be more difficult than originally planned. We expect to see at least 4 home games this season," commented Owner Chester Altizer.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Players and Coaches arrived in Southern California August 1, 1951 and reported to training camp at University of California-Irvine. After a brief “meet & greet” player and coaches got down to the business of building a championship team. “We have three weeks to get ready for our first preseason game on the 22nd at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh,” stated Bolts Head Coach Jimmy Phelan. “We have a long road ahead of us…..but I am looking forward to the ride.” Hey San Diego here’s the rest of your Chargers coaching staff

    Head Coach Jimmy Phelan
    Associate Head Coach/Quarterbacks: Glenn Dobbs Jr.
    Offensive Coordinator: Jim Benton
    Offensive Backs/Linebackers Coach: Joe Sheeketski
    Offensive/Defensive Line Coach: Shelby Calhoun
    WR/TE Coach: Nick Susoeff
    Defensive Coordinator: Ernie Steele
    Defensive Back Coach: Noah Mullins
    Special Teams Coordinator: Joey Sternaman

    Saturday September 22, 1951 – “Bolts preseason concludes 0-5” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    The San Diego Chargers concluded their preseason yesterday afternoon in Houston, Texas with a 28-14 loss to the Detroit Lions. The game was played at Rice Stadium and drew around 48,000 fans. It was the newly relocated organization’s fifth loss in a row. “They turned out to see Bobby Layne…..while we were trying to name a starter…..Williams or Celeri. Both have played well enough to earn the starting role,” Mentioned Jimmy Phelan during the post game press conference. “Five exhibition road games followed by four regular season road games….I look forward to when San Diego fans actually can see us play,” added Phelan at the end of the interview at Rice Stadium.

    Wednesday August 22 Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA; San Diego 17 Pittsburgh 21
    Saturday August 25 Rubber Bowl, Akron, OH;; San Diego 0 Cleveland 52
    Friday August 31 Sportsman Park, St. Louis, MO; San Diego 7 St. Louis 28
    Friday September 14 State Fair Stadium, Shreveport, LA; San Diego 14 Washington 52
    Friday September 21 Rice Stadium, Houston, TX; San Diego 14 Detroit 28

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Friday September 28, 1951 – The Gazette and Daily – York, Pennsylvania (portion of posted article actual newspaper clip from the Gazette and Daily September 28, 1951 page 32)

    Philadelphia (AP) – A real champion always repeats and that’s just what the Cleveland Browns are favored to do as the National Football League kicks off its 32nd season tonight on the west coast. The Browns are not involved in the opening game but the team most experts figure second best in the 12 team NFL circuit, Coach Joe Stydahar’s Los Angeles Rams, play host to the San Diego Chargers. Then on Sunday the Chicago Bears meet the Green Bay Packers at Green Bay, Cleveland opens its title defense in California against San Francisco, the Philadelphia Eagles tackle the St. Louis Cardinals at Sportsman Park, and improved Washington and Detroit have a go at it in the Motor City. Pittsburgh and New York finish out the weekend at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

    During the Course of the season which ends December 16, the teams will play a total of 72 games. The championship is scheduled for the city of the team winning the National Conference title on December 23 unless playoffs necessitate holding it a week later. Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St Louis, and Washington form the American Conference of the NFL, with Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco lining up the National section. Los Angeles won the National crown last season but lost the league title game in a thrilling encounter with the Browns.

    Bert Bell, NFL Commissioner believes the two championship races will be as close as they were in 1950 when two post season playoffs were necessary to determine the eventual championship game contestants. “The teams are so equally matched,” said Bell. “They have been beating each other in unpredictable fashion during the preseason games. San Francisco has shown terrific improvement and should be a factor in the National Conference. Both Detroit and Green Bay also have strengthened considerably, while at least two coaches have told me that Washington is the dark horse in the American Conference. They say the Redskins have improved their line a great deal.” Bell says he believes attendance, which reached an all time league high 1,977,556 in 78 games last year, should be as good and possibly better this season. “If the races in both conferences are as close as I expect them to be, we’ll surpass last year’s attendance.” Three of the teams have new coaches, Detroit with Raymond (Buddy) Parker, The San Diego Chargers under Jimmy Phelan, and Philadelphia with Wayne Millner.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Friday September 28, 1951

    “NFL Pro Grid Opener at Coliseum – Rams meet Chargers tonight” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    San Diego Head Coach Jimmy Phelan finally announced his starting lineup this morning before departing for the short trip north to Los Angeles. Coach Phelan will rely on Buddy Young, the diminutive speedster from Illinois. Giant Zollie Toth, the outstanding rookie fullback last year and Army’s Al Pollard, who is expected to see considerable service at halfback. Phelan also noted that the battle for the starting signal caller may move into the regular season as ….”Both Williams and Celeri have played well enough to earn the starting job.”

    Jim Benton’s Offense
    QB #9 Bob Williams, 6’1”197, Notre Dame; FB #33 Zollie Toth, 6’2”219, LSU; LH #22 Buddy Young, 5’4”175 Illinois; RH #46 Sherman Howard, 5’11” 193, Iowa; LE #7 Dan Garza, 6’3”203, North Texas; LT #59 Paul Mitchell, 6’3”240, Minnesota; LG #72 Floyd Jaszewski, 6’4”230, Minnesota; C #50 Brad Ecklund, 6’3”215, Oregon; RG #75 Bill Albright, 6’1”233, Wisconsin; RT #74 Mike McCormack, 6’4” 246, Kansas; RE #82 Dan Edwards, 6’0”187, Georgia
    Quarterbacks rating: D+
    Running Backs rating: C-
    Offensive Ends rating: C-
    Offensive Line rating: C-

    Ernie Steele’s Defense
    RDE #84 Barney Poole, 6’2”231, North Carolina; RDT #70 Art Donovan, 6’2”263, Boston College; LDT #73 Thurman McGraw, 6’5”235, Colorado State; LDE #80 Carl Elliott, 6’4”230, Virginia; ROLB #55 Duke Iverson, 6’2”208, Oregon; MLB #37 Al Carapella, 6’0”235, Miami (FL); LOLB #54 Tommy Thompson, 6’1”221, William & Mary; RCB #29 Bobbie Griffin, 6’0”180, Baylor; LCB #10 Joe Golding, 6’0”184, Oklahoma; S #27 Marvin Johnson, 5’11”183, San Jose State; S #40 Bennie Aldridge, 5’11”187, Florida State
    Defensive Line rating: C-
    Linebackers rating: C-
    Cornerbacks rating: C
    Safeties rating: D

    Joey Sternaman’s Special Teams
    K #2 Andy Robbins, 6’1”203, Kentucky; P #3 Tom Williams, 6’1”193, Utah; KR-PR #20 George Taliaferro, 5’11” 196, Indiana
    Kickers rating: D
    Punters rating: A
    Return Team rating: B

    Reporters caught up with Associate Head Coach Glenn Dobbs Jr. prior to the team's departure to LA, "I am very excited about our rookie Quarterbacks Williams and Celeri. Both exhibited the ability to become excellent team leaders. I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish on the field this season. And with our one-two punch of Toth and Young back again this season…..our ground attack should be as strong as ever.” Last season the Toth-Young duo combined for 997 yards and 9 touchdowns.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    good stuff
    intercoastal games were a challenge back then. the Colts were in the NFL West and had to take a train to California every year to play the Rams and 49ers.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

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    Friday September 28, 1951
    San Diego Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams
    Location: Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
    Attendance: 92,059
    Weather: Sunny and 73 degrees, Wind: 4 mph from the SW
    Game MVP: Glenn Davis

    “Rams route Chargers at Coliseum” - John Herbert, San Diego Union

    The Los Angeles Rams started their ’51 campaign off with a 30-3 drubbing of the San Diego Chargers Friday night in front of 92,000+. Jimmy Phelan’s troops drew first blood with 9:21 left in the first with an Andy Robbins field Goal. Bob Williams guided his team down to the 3 yard line before being stopped three consecutive times and settling for the field goal. It would turn out to be the closest Williams’ led offense would be to the opposing end zone. “We stopped them on their first series…then received the punt and drove down the field to put three up. I was very pleased with the first 5 minute of the game and then…..the Rams organization showed us we got a long way to go,” commented Coach Phelan after the loss. The Rams put up 30 unanswered points, which included a brilliant 66 yard punt return by Tommy Kalmanir to pay dirt. Coach Phelan did not have much to be excited about after the game. He did, however, point out Dan Garza’s 129 receiving yards and George Taliaferro’s 43.3 Kick return average on three returns.

    Plays from scrimmage: San Diego 58 (12 First Downs); Los Angeles 56 (14 First Downs)
    Rushing: San Diego 30 for 86 yards (2.9 avg); Los Angeles 30 for 118 yards (3.9 avg)
    Pass plays: San Diego 13 for 27 (48%); Los Angeles 10 for 25 (50%)
    Passing: San Diego 182 yards (6.7 per play); Los Angeles 221 yards (8.8 per play)
    Turnovers: San Diego 2; Los Angeles 0
    Punts: San Diego 6 punts for 241 yards (40.2 avg); Los Angeles 5 punts for 202 yards (40.4 avg)
    Third Down: San Diego 4 for 13 (31%); Los Angeles 6 for 14 (43%)
    Red Zone: San Diego 1 for 3 (1 FG, 0 TD); Los Angeles 4 for 4 (2 FG, 2 TD)
    Time of Possession: San Diego 29:19; Los Angeles 30:41

    Game Information
    First Quarter
    SD – FG: Andy Robbins 10 yards; 3-0 SD
    LA – TD Glenn Davis 10 yard run (Marc Whipple kick) 7-3 LA
    Second Quarter
    LA– TD Tommy Kalamanir 66 yard punt return (Marc Whipple kick); 14-3 LA
    Third Quarter
    LA – FG Marc Whipple 46 yards; 17-3 LA
    LA – FG Marc Whipple 12 yards; 20-3 LA
    Fourth Quarter
    LA – TD Glenn Davis 4 yard run (Marc Whipple kick) 27-3 LA
    LA – FG Marc Whipple 9 yards; 30-3 LA

    Top Performers
    San Diego
    QB Bob Williams 13-27. 190 yards; 1 carry 1 yard
    HB Buddy Young 19 carries, 63 yards; 5 receptions, 35 yards
    End Dan Garza 5 receptions, 129 yards
    DT Art Donovan 6 tackles
    DE Carl Elliott 6 tackles
    S Marvin Johnson 8 tackles, 1 sack
    Los Angeles
    QB Norm van Brocklin 10-25, 225 yards
    HB Glenn Davis 16 carries, 76 yards, 2 TD
    FB Dick Hoerner 14 carries 42 yards; 2 receptions, 19 yards
    End Tom Fears 3 receptions, 59 yards
    DT Jim Winkler 7 tackles
    DT Stan West 6 tackles, 0.5 sacks
    CB Tom Keane 5 tackles


    “Rams route Yanks, 54-14 – Van Brocklin Sets Mark” – The San Bernardino County Sat, 29 Sep 1951, Sat., page 15

    Los Angeles (AP) – Quarterback Norman Van Brocklin set a new National Football League passing record last night as he pitched the Los Angeles Rams to a 54-14 victory over the New York Yanks. A crowd of 30,315 cheered the ex-Oregon star on as he exceeded the record for passing yardage set in 1949 by Johnny Lujack of the Chicago Bears, racking up an unprecedented 554 yards. Lujack had 468 yards.

    Van Brocklin’s strong right arm carried almost the entire offensive load. The top Rams quarterback, Bob Waterfield, was benched by injuries. So was halfback Glenn Davis, but the Rams offense seemed to suffer little. Van Brocklin threw 5 touchdown passes, four of them to Elroy (Crazylegs) Hirsch. That was more than enough for the ball game.

    The Rams set a league record when they piled up 735 total yards, topping an old mark of 682 yards set by the Bears in 1943. Their 34 first downs beat by two their own record.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Around the League – October 1, 1951

    ‘Champs open campaign at Kezar Stadium” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    Defending League champion the Cleveland Browns opened their 1951 campaign with a hard fought victory against San Francisco, 17-14, at Kezar Stadium. Bruising Browns Fullback Marion Motley bashed his way through the 49ers defense for 86 yards. Offensive End Dante Lavelli hauled in 3 Otto Graham passes for 79 yards. The Browns defense, which held strong, was tested all afternoon by the dual threat tandem of Alberts and Tittle, who combined for 301 yards through the air. 49ers Offensive End Alyn Beals caught 10 passes for 167 yards in the loss.

    Washington 10 @ Detroit 14; GAME MVP: HB Doak Walker 111 total yards, 1 TD
    Chicago 20 @ Green Bay 7; GAME MVP: End Jim Keane 3 receptions, 104 yards. 2 TD
    New York 21 @ Pittsburgh 28; GAME MVP: HB Joe Geri 147 total yards, 2 TD
    Philadelphia 17 @ St. Louis 10; GAME MVP: FB Jim Parmer 132 total yards, 1 TD

    Cleveland 10 @ San Francisco 24; HB Verl Lillywhite 17 carries, 145 yards
    Washington 17 @ Detroit 35; QB Bobby Layne 20-26, 310 yards, 2 TD; 10 carries, 47 yards, 1 TD
    Chicago Bears 31 @ Green Bay 20; QB Johnny Lujack 12-18-1, 160 yards; 8 carries, 54 yards
    New York Giants 13 @ Pittsburgh 13; HB Joe Scott 8 carries, 43 yards; 1 reception, 56 yards, 1 TD
    Philadelphia 17 @ Chicago Cardinals 14; HB (CRD) Elmer Angsman 14 carries, 70 yards, 2 TD

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    League injury report

    Two players, Al Pollard and Tyler Williams suffered injuries in Friday nights loss to the Rams of Los Angeles. Pollard went down in the third quarter after being smashed by Stan West and Joe Reid. He seemed to suffer a minor ankle injury. Though Pollard missed the rest of his rookie debut, Coach Phelan’s Medical staff, sponsored by the University of San Diego, has indicated he will be able to make the three game trip east. Pollard, who carried the ball 5 times for 6 yards, will be hoping for a better performance when the Chargers meet up with the Lions at Briggs Stadium on October 8. Rookie Offensive End Tyler Williams, who was blasted by Rams safety Jerry Williams after a 12 yard reception, should be ready to go as well. Though specifics concerning his injury were not released, it was a apparent he was not in his right state of mind as he headed toward LA’s sidelines at the conclusion of the play. Another rookie End, Dan Edwards, quickly turned the confused Williams around and guided him back to the right side of the field. “It was a hard hitting game…our rookies were quickly introduced to the physical nature of the league,” mentioned Offensive Coordinator Jim Benton when reporters caught up with Tuesday evening.

    “Fischer lost for 5 weeks” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Cardinals veteran Tackle Bill Fischer suffered a fracture foreman during Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Fischer will be sidelined for the next five weeks.

    The San Francisco front office has reported that Guard Visco Grgich will miss the next five weeks with torn quadriceps.

    In other news – The Renovation of Balboa Stadium, which includes double-decking to boast seating capacity, is still several weeks away from completion. “I am assured that the seating upgrade should be completed before the first scheduled home game October 28th,” stated primary owner Chester Altizer in a phone interview with sport columnist John Herbert. Mr. Altizer also pointed out that 22,000 seats have already been purchased, “Financially it’s going to be a rough year for the organization. We just need to get through the season with limited losses……we expect different results in 1952,” continued Altizer. In addition, it was reported that due to the upgrades to ‘Balboa Park’ the team will reap the benefits of all concession sales from the four scheduled home games.

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Thursday October 4, 1951

    “Chargers Depart for Detroit” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    Coach Jimmy Phelan’s ‘travel team’ departed Los Angeles this morning at 11 am (PST) aboard a United Airliner bound for Detroit. Phelan’s crew will face Buddy Parker’s Detroit Lions. It is the beginning of a lengthy three game road trip which involves two stops at Briggs field and one at Wrigley Field to face the Bears. The team will not return to southern California until October 22nd. “We will have an extended stay in Michigan,” stated Coach Phelan. “We will be staying in Ypsilanti, Michigan after the game on Monday……training at the campus of Eastern Michigan until we depart for Chicago on the Michigan Central for our game in the windy city. Then…….we will board a train back to Michigan for another week of practice in Ypsilanti….and then, you guessed it…..Buddy Parker’s Lions for a second time. Three weeks of travel….it’s going to be exhausting. In addition, Coach Phelan also mentioned that kicking duties for the next few games will fall on veteran Harvey Johnson.

    (0-1) San Diego Chargers @ (1-0) Detroit Lions pre-game report
    Location/time: Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Michigan; 4:15 pm EST
    Point Spread: -14 (DET)
    Over/Under: 43.5
    Injury report: SAN DIEGO None; DETROIT none
    Offensive Rank: SAN DIEGO 9th; DETROIT 4th
    Defensive Rank: SAN DIEGO 10th; DETROIT 1st

    Bob Williams and the San Diego Chargers take on Bobby Layne and the Detroit Lions Monday at Briggs Stadium. Williams is coming off a solid performance back in Los Angeles, which saw the rookie quarterback toss the pigskin for 190 yards. Williams will be looking for his new favorite target Dan Garza once again. On the defensive side of the ball San Diego’s secondary will have to deal with Bobby Layne.

    Bobby Layne and the Detroit Lions enter Monday’s game on the heels of an impressive 14=10 win over the Washington Redskins. First year Head coach Buddy Parker used an effective ground game and punishing defense to hand the Redskins an opening day defeat. Doak Walker and Pat Harder combined for 128 yards on the ground and Layne added another 160 through the air in the victory.

    Passing: Bob Williams 13-27, 190 yards
    Rushing: Buddy Young 20 carries, 63 yards
    Receiving: Dan Garza 5 receptions, 129 yards
    Tackles: Marvin Johnson 8
    Sacks: Marvin Johnson 1
    Passing: Bobby Layne 7-12-2, 160 yards, 1 TD
    Rushing: Pat Harder 20 carries, 71 yards
    Receiving: Bill Swiacki 2 receptions, 73 yards
    Tackles: Jack Lininger 7 tackles
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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Name:  SD-1951.jpg
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    Monday October 8, 1951
    San Diego Chargers @ Detroit Lions
    Location: Briggs Stadium, Detroit, Michigan
    Attendance: 56,606
    Weather: Cloudy, Drizzle and 67 degrees, Wind: calm
    Game MVP: Bobby Layne

    “Lions pounce Chargers 31-7” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    Jimmy Phelan and the San Diego Chargers began their three game road trip in dismal fashion Monday evening with a 31-7 loss to Buddy Parker’s Lions. Detroit’s “Motor City Bomber” Bobby Layne found perhaps the biggest target in the NFL, Leon Hart, for the games opening score. Hart at 6’5’ 257 pounds is a load to bring down and he showed his strength as he broke two tackles during the 30 yard scamper to the end zone. Bobby Layne struck gold again in the second quarter with another 30 yard pass, this time to backup Offensive End Jim Doran, and took a commanding 17-0 lead into the half. “We got down in a hurry and could not dig ourselves out…….they are a tough team,” commented Coach Phelan after the game. Detroit began the second half just as they ended the first, putting up 7 more points on a Pat Harder 5 yard run. “Next thing I know we are down 24-0,” continued Phelan. On the ensuing Chargers possession disaster struck when Bob Williams went down and did not get back up. Williams was hit hard by Lions Safety Bob Smith as he scrambled out of a collapsing pocket. Backup Bob Celeri stepped on the field and organized a 9 play 77 yard drive that encompassed 6:17 of the third quarter. At the 5:18 mark Bob Celeri found End Dan Edwards all alone in the end zone for a 1 yard touchdown pass. It may turn out to be Celeri’s last pass of the ’51 campaign as he took a massive hit from Linebacker Jim Lininger and suffered a serious injury. “We don’t yet have any details but it looks pretty bad. That is all I can really tell you at this time,” commented a frustrated associate coach Glenn Dobbs Jr during the post game press conference. “we scored our first touchdown as an organization have may have lost our talented rookie for the season, continued Dobbs. All World Halfback Doak Walker finished the scoring for the evening with a brilliant 38 yard touchdown run.

    Plays from scrimmage: San Diego 57 (17 First Downs); Detroit 55 (15 First Downs)
    Rushing: San Diego 28 for 85 yards (3.0 avg); Detroit 31 for 178 yards (5.7 avg)
    Pass plays: San Diego 16 for 28 (57%) 1 TD 3 INT; Detroit 15 for 22 (68%) 2 TD
    Passing: San Diego 236 yards (8.4 per play); Detroit 193 yards (8.8 per play)
    Turnovers: San Diego 1; Detroit 0
    Punts: San Diego 3 punts for 131 yards (43.7 avg); Detroit 4 punts for 170 yards (42.5 avg)
    Third Down: San Diego 3 for 8 (38%); Detroit 2 for 8 (25%)
    Red Zone: San Diego 1 for 2 (0 FG, 1 TD); Detroit 1 for 1 (0 FG, 1 TD)
    Time of Possession: San Diego 29:52; Detroit 30:08

    Game Information
    First Quarter
    DET – TD Leon Hart 30 yard pass from Bobby Layne (Josh Morrissy kick) 7-0 DET
    DET – FG Josh Morrissy 45 yards; 10-0 DET
    Second Quarter
    DET – TD Jim Doran 30 yard pass from Bobby Layne (Josh Morrissy kick) 17-0 DET
    Third Quarter
    DET – TD Pat Harder 5 yard run (Josh Morrissy kick) 24-0 DET
    SD – TD Dan Edwards 1 yard pass from Bob Celeri (Harvey Johnson kick) 24-7 DET
    Fourth Quarter
    DET – TD Doak Walker 38 yard run (Josh Morrissy kick) 31-7

    Top Performers
    San Diego
    QB Bob Celeri 4-7, 46 yards, 1 TD; 1 carry, 11 yards
    HB Buddy Young 18 carries, 44 yards; 1 reception, 13 yards
    End Dan Garza 7 receptions, 125 yards
    DE Barney Poole 6 tackles, 2 sacks
    LB Al Carapella 8 tackles
    S Marvin Johsnon 9 tackles, 1 PD
    QB Bobby Layne 15-22, 192 yards, 2 TD; 5 carries, 43 yards
    HB Doak Walker 5 carries, 55 yards, 1 TD; 3 receptions, 16 yards
    End Leon Hart 3 receptions, 51 yards, 1 TD
    End Dorne Dibble 3 receptions, 53 yards
    DE Ed Berrang 7 tackles
    LB Jack Lininger 11 tackles
    S Bob Smith 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PD


    “Lions Trounce N.Y. Yanks 37-10” – Traverse City Record-Eagle, Traverse City, Michigan, Tuesday October 9, 1951; page 11

    Walker and Harder score two TD’s each for second triumph – Detroit, Oct 9 – (UP) – The Detroit Lions dug in today as conference leaders in the National Football League after a convincing 37 to 10 triumph over the New York Yanks. The win, Detroit’s second in two starts, left them the only undefeated team in the NFL’s National side of the standings. About 25,000 fans turned out to see the game last night, which officially was a home game for the Yanks, left homeless by the world series……”
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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    Tuesday October 9, 1951

    “Cleveland Browns rally to beat Rams 34-27” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

    The Cleveland Browns and the Los Angeles Rams put on an offensive display Sunday afternoon as the two teams combined for 839 yards of total offense. Browns quarterback Otto Graham threw for 310 yards and 3 touchdowns. 2 of his tossed went to halfback Ken Carpenter, one for 76 yards and the other for 66 yards. Meanwhile, Rams signal caller Norm Van Brocklin continued his NFL aerial assault with 388 yards and 2 touchdowns of his own. Both Rams Offensive Ends Elory Hirsch and Tom Fears eclipsed the century receiving yards mark. Browns HB Ken Carpenter concluded the day with 206 yards receiving.

    Pittsburgh 6 @ Green Bay 7; GAME MVP: FB Fred Cone 80 total yards
    San Francisco 45 @ Philadelphia 14; GAME MVP: FB Joe Perry 208 total yards, 3 TD
    Chicago 17 @ St. Louis 17; GAME MVP: FB Billy Stone 82 total yards, 1 TD
    New York 24 @ Washington 7; GAME MVP: E Bob McChesney 5 receptions, 75 yards, 1 TD

    San Francisco 14 @ Philadelphia 21; QB Adrian Burk 14-25-2, 228 yards, 2 TD
    Pittsburgh 33 @ Green Bay 35; QB Tobin Rote 10-22-2, 229 yards, 2 TD
    Chicago Bears 14 @ Chicago Cardinals 28; HB Billy Cross 11 carries, 71 yards, 1 TD; 1 reception, 18 yards, 1TD
    New York Giants 35 @ Washington 14; QB Charlie Conerly 13-24-3, 170 yards, 3 TD
    Cleveland 38 @ Los Angeles 23; HB Dub Jones 15 carries, 110 yards, 1TD; 3 receptions, 57 yards

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    Re: 1951 "An Experiment in Expansion"

    League injury Report

    Wednesday October 10, 1951

    “Celeri out for season” – John Herbert, San Diego Union

    Rookie Quarterback Bob Celeri will spend the remainder of his ’51 campaign on the sidelines. Celeri went down after guiding the ‘Bolts’ to their first touchdown of the season. Reports indicate the rookie signal caller suffered a serious leg injury, “He just went down wrong when he was hit by a hard charging Lininger,” stated Coach Phelan Wednesday upon the teams return to Ypsilanti, Michigan. Celeri, who remained at Detroit Memorial Hospital, will return to southern California when he is cleared to travel. In addition, Coach Jimmy, as he is affectionately known to his players and staff, mentioned that his other rookie Bob Williams suffered only a minor sprain and should be ready to go for next week’s match up in Chicago. “We now have a serious quarterback situation we are looking to rectify. We are looking at all possible options…..even as far as contacting some recently retired players, at least that is what our manager John Harland and the ownership group is telling me.” Phelan would not specify anything other than they are actively looking. Also Coach was happy to report that Bobby Young’s limp to the sidelines in the fourth quarter was nothing serious and ….”He is expected to play next Sunday.” Rookie backup Al Pollard carried the ball 7 times for 16 yards in Young’s absence. It was also reported that defensive back Joe Golding will miss the next three games and that rookie back David Filmer, out of UCLA, will get the start his absence. “We have to face Lujack then Layne again….and we will be without our starting left back… was a tough day at Briggs Stadium all around on Monday.”

    The Washington Redskins front office has reported that backup Offensive End Franklin Swarts suffered a severe concussion and will be sidelined for roughly 5 weeks.

    Official League Injury report
    Celeri, Bob (23) SD QB
    Swarts, Franklin [5) WAS WR
    Grgich, Visco [4] SF G
    Fischer, Bill [4] STL T
    Golding, Joe [3] SD CB
    Tapani, David [2] CHI K
    Shrout, Jeff [2] SF CB
    Moore, Jeff [2] SF CB
    Wismann, Pete [1] SF LB
    Scrooby, Denzel [1] WAS WR
    Nickel, Elbie [1] PIT WR

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