This is a leftover bug from 2016 that I never reported, and I'm still having it in 2017, so here goes: The artificial AI GM on my team and others will assign a newly-drafted pitcher to "closer" in the minors, and they get zero innings there, and put up zero stats, apparently just wasting a year. And then if I don't step in and trade for them or something, and change them to another position, they may spend their whole minor league career with this happening. Even if they were a SP, they just get slotted to closer and put up 0 innings. Oddly, I'm not sure this spoils their development! Very puzzling. It happens a lot, and has been happening forever. Especially in A, but sometimes I think I see it in higher levels too.

(This is a career I am continuing from the 2016 version, and I just moved the save file over to the 2017 folder.)

(I uploaded the mog file named "3" via hightale.)