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Thread: Even the Braves

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    Even the Braves

    Lou Perini, the owner of the Boston Braves, was in a pickle. What few people had the nerve to tell him -- but what he was hearing on his own -- was that he had taken the 1948 National Pennant Winner and ran it straight into the ground. He hated the stadium he played in, Braves Stadium, and asked Boston Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey if he wouldn't care to share the stadium with Boston's second team.

    Yawkey wasn't interested.

    With that, Perini prepared to make his case to move to Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Brewers were Boston's top farm club, drawing well and expecting to move into a new baseball stadium in 1953. The city of Milwaukee had taken a huge gamble, essentially building a pro stadium in 1952 and waiting for a major league franchise to move there.

    Bill Veeck, owner of the St. Louis Browns, felt that St. Louis could not support two major league teams. He looked at Milwaukee as a future home. Not only did Perini invoke his territorial privileges, but the American League turned down the flamboyant Veeck's relocation.

    Now, Perini wanted to move to Milwaukee. It was March 1953. There was still no word from the National League. Rumor had it that a relocation vote would never fly. First, how could you get a team ready in a new city so quickly? Second, didn't Veeck try the same trick.

    On March 15th 1953, Milwaukee Stadium was expected to be opened to the public. Perini wanted big numbers, and so did the city of Milwaukee -- Milwaukee wanted to show the world that it was a major league city.

    But on March 13th, a spring snowstorm hit Milwaukee. Over two feet of snow fell on Wisconsin. The opening of the new stadium was postponed.

    One National League Owner said, "Imagine Perini trying to move a team there!" Perini had shown the other market owners his research, pleading poverty and that a second team in Boston could not survive. However, the consensus among the owners was that Perini's problems were his own fault. If the Braves had better ownership, they reasoned, there was no reason that Boston would have to lose a team. And Commissioner Frick remembered his ex-golf buddy Babe Ruth telling him, "They oughta always have two teams in Boston."

    That clinched it. The National League rejected the move, 5-3.

    With that, Perini sold the team to new owners. A new General Manager was brought in, Ron "Petrel" Bowman, a very quiet, eccentric man who happened to be a good friend of the son of the owner. At twenty-five, he'd be the youngest GM in major league history.

    The hypercompetitve newspapers screamed cronyism and made frequent references to Judge Fuchs. The meanest writer in baseball , "Colonel" Dave Egan of the Boston Record, wrote, "One of the two teams in Boston is the penthouse, and the other is the outhouse, and the door with the moon-shaped apeture is now "occupied" at Commonwealth Avenue with Mr. Bowman in residence."

    When the Boston press first asked Mr. Bowman about the Braves, he said, "We're a lot better team than the last four years indicate. As for my lack of experience, the Braves have only one goal - to win the World Series. Anything less than that is a failure. And the Braves have failed, so many times, in so many ways, that the new management can't get it any more wrong than Braves teams of earlier."

    And thus, with Spring Training finishing up, "Petrel" was left at the helm of a Boston team that, aside from its World Series win in 1914 and its National League pennant in 1948, had not finished higher than second more than once since the turn of the century.


    Yeah, I decided to do my own dynasty. Don't know how long I'll keep it up, but wish me luck.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Modes : Default. Injuries, salarie requests, league
    revenue left at default levels as well. Auto-sort is left on for now,
    no simulation mode.

    A few caveats before starting:

    a) This is the first time I've ever dealt with the minor-league
    system. A lot of responsibility, and from what I've heard other
    GMs say, you can't have two players at the same position at a
    minor league level or one won't develop as quickly as the other
    one. So balance at all levels is important.

    b) Non-simulation mode. I have Hank Aaron in the rookie
    league. But I have no guarantee that he'll progress to be The
    Hammer. He might hit 800 home runs, he might hit 500, he might
    just be so-so. So there are no guarantees with him, which means
    that I might trade him and live to regret it.

    c) Financial management. How much will it hurt me to compete
    with the Boston Red Sox for cash? Can Boston really support
    two major league teams?

    How much IS that doggie in the window?

    Playing on every radio station in Boston. You can't escape it.
    Which reminds me that we have a few more weeks of spring
    training for me to try to do something with the club before we
    open this year.

    I look at the Free Agent list. A bunch of never-weres. I'd be
    rolling the dice to stick any one of these guys as a starter, and with
    the Braves in the position they're in, I can't afford the luxury of
    random chance. The free agents will have to wait it out till '54.

    Starting lineup :

    Catcher: Last year's catcher for the Braves is the 38 year
    old Walk Cooper. His fielding skills have atrophied to F levels.

    Solution: Replace him with the 29 year old Paul Burris. Send
    Walk to AAA Milwaukee to help out the youngsters.

    First Base: Joe Adcock played LF with Cincinnati last year.
    Since I have him on my club, I'll move him to 1b and move
    George Crowe (weaker with the bat) to the bench.

    Second Base: Ugh. Nothing but replacement level. The
    weak hitting Jack Ditmer replaces the weak-hitting Sibby Sisti.
    At least Ditmer, at 25, is younger.

    Third Base : Eddie Mathews. Who else? And he only has
    1 year, 28 days of Major League time so I can keep him until
    1955 at least.

    Left Field : Sid Gordon will be my anchor. But his contract runs out at the end of the year.

    Center Field : A real roll of the dice. Bill Bruton hit .345
    last year in AA Atlanta, and Manager Charlie Grimm already has
    him penciled in in center. He's also going to bat leadoff. Major
    risk, and I'd prefer someone with experience, but no one else in
    the lineup has the speed I want.

    Right Field : Andy Pafko. Great contact, great power, 5
    All-Star Games. What's not to like?


    Bruton CF
    Logan SS
    Gordon LF --contract expires at end of year
    Pafko RF
    Mathews 3B
    Adcock 1B
    Burris C
    Ditmer 2B


    George Crowe (1B)
    Walker Cooper (C)
    Bob Thorpe (RF)
    Sibby Sisti (IF)
    Billy Klaus (IF)
    Jim Pendleton (LF)

    AAA Milwaukee Brewers

    Ebba St. Claire (C) is the only player of note.

    AA Atlanta Crackers

    Del Crandall (C), Harry Hanebrink (LF, 2B)

    A Jacksonville Braves

    Charlie White (C) and Doc Queen (RF). I move LF Chuck
    Tanner and LF Earl Hersh to the Braves from Wichita Falls.
    Hopefully, one of them will stand out.

    R Wichita Falls Spudders

    A mess!! The Spudders are loaded top to bottom with
    outfielders. I'm going to have to trade some potatoes because I
    just can't justify this many outfielders in the rookie league.

    Mel Roach (IF, LF)
    Hank Aaron (RF, LF)
    Ray Shearer (LF)
    Joe Koppe (SS)
    Bob Roselli (C)
    Wes Covington (LF)
    Mike Krsnich (LF)
    Joe Morgan (3B)
    Bobby Malkmus (IF)
    Frank Torre (1B)
    Al Spangler (LF, RF)


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    Re: Even the Braves


    The Braves don't have as much in pitching as they do in hitting. A rundown:


    Warren Spahn: 14-29, 2.98 ERA. I think Jim Wilson is better, but I am paying Spahn more. Besides, Jim Wilson's contract's running out and I don't want him to get the bighead.

    Jim Wilson: 12-14, 4.23 ERA. "He's glad to be the second starter in Boston." I hope he remembers that come contract time.

    Vern Bickford: 7-12, 3.74 ERA. More walks than strikeouts, but better than my other two starters. Bickford's contract also runs out this year.

    Max Surkont: 12-13, 3.77 ERA. Surkont's contract runs out as well. Odd that he's a friend of Vern Bickford, but Bickford doesn't feel the same way about him. They may have to be resigned in a package.

    Johnny Antonelli: 5-10 , 4.40 ERA (lifetime). Moved up from the bullpen. Bob Buhl will be moved to the bullpen. I don't quite trust a starter who was AA last year.


    Lew Burdette: 6-11, 3.61 ERA, 7 saves. Only person in the bullpen with any experience in the closer role. Might be an arbitration case at the end of 1953.

    Ernie Johnson: 6-3, 4.11 ERA. My setup man.

    Don Liddle: Was 5-4 with the Crackers (AA) last year. I have no more experienced players. He'll play short, for now.

    Dave Jolly. Another ex-Cracker. Middle relief

    Bob Buhl. Will be my long relief man, and yet another ex-Cracker.

    Joey Jay. 17-years old. No minor league experience. Charlie Grimm says he'll do fine, I have my doubts. I make him an alternate starter, and am ready to flush him down to the minors if I have to.


    Warren Spahn
    Jim Wilson - contract ends
    Vern Bickford -contract ends
    Max Surkont - contract ends
    Johnny Antonelli


    Closer: Lou Burdette
    Setup: Ernie Johnson
    Short: Don Liddle
    Middle: Dave Jolly
    Long: Bob Buhl
    Alt: Joey Jay

    AAA Milwaukee Braves .

    Red Murff (SP) only player of note. May have to be ready to replace Joey Jay.

    AA Atlanta Crackers

    Virgil Jester (SP)
    Chi-Chi Olivo (RP)
    Charlie Gorin (RP). Gorin has some big-league experience.

    A Jacksonville Braves

    Dave Cole (RP). Has big-league experience
    Don McMahon (RP)
    Jumberto Robinson (RP)
    Bob Trowbridge (RP)
    Roberto Vargas (RP)

    R Wichita Falls Spudders

    Carl Willey (SP)
    Ray Crone (SP)
    Taylor Phillips (RP)
    Bob Giggie (RP)
    Ken Mackenzie (RP). Phjllips, Giggie, and Mackenzie are just kids.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Now time for the other settings:

    1. Set only the Strategies on Pitcher Use. I put "Start on Short Rest" to 6 and "Pitch Through Trouble" to 6 due to my weak bullpen.

    2. Keep ticket price at $24.75 (2005 money). The Red Sox are charging $29.00, I want people to know that a Braves game is cheaper.

    3. Set broadcast revenue to "Normal Broadcast". If I start selling out, then I can start putting games on restricted access.

    4. Keep all other settings.

    And now...begin play.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    April 1-4, 1953


    W 8-4, L 4-6, L 6-9, L 6-9

    In the opening game, Spahn was excellent, striking out 11 Reds batters. However, only 12,868 show up for Opening Day. Egad! The next three games we ran into Ted Kluzewski of the Reds, who hit two home runs in the first and a home run every game after that. On April 4th, he has 5 home runs for the year and we have three losses.

    April 5-8, 1953

    at St. Louis Cardinals

    L 2-3, L 5-6, L 3-4, L 4-5

    Max Surkont goes down 5 days with a finger blister after the first game. Hal Rice hits a walk-off homer off Ernie Johnson in the 9th to win the second game, giving Ernie Johnson his second loss after 3 2/3 innings pitched for the year. In the last game, Enos Slaughter bunts the winning run in to make it four one-run losses in a row for the Braves. We have now lost seven straight.

    April 9-12


    W 5-2, W 10-5, W 7-4, L 3-8

    Joey Jay, the 17 year old rookie called up from AA Atlanta to help out after the Murff trade wins his first game for the Braves. We hold Klu to one HR in the series; all 6 HR he has hit against Braves pitchers. The Redlegs, however, hit seven in the second to avoid the sweep.

    All kinds of weird news during this series. First, I'm informed before the game starts that the Reds have now changed their name to the "Redlegs" and are to be announced as the "Redlegs". Seems the good people of Cincinnati didn't want their team named after a bunch of commies. What's next, a march to rename our team the Boston Native Americans?

    Gussie Busch is the new owner of Sportsman's Park. Veeck's been having some financial trouble lately and let Busch buy it. Before the Cardinals were tenants, and now, they're owners. Busch wanted to change the name to Budweiser Park but the St. Louis press threw a fit. I thought, "Why not?" I can see corporate sponsorship playing a major role in baseball. Maybe people just aren't ready yet.

    April 14-17


    L 11-15, L 8-10, L 6-9, W 5-6

    The Dodgers had 22 hits in the first game. Duke Snider hit 7 RBIs in the second, Roy Campanella hits his third HR in three games in our third loss, and we narrowly avoid the sweep.



    April 2nd : Over the wire, the Giants send a trade offer of Davey Johnson for AAA pitcher Red Murff and Vern Bickford. Bickford, I won't give up, but I will give up $1 million dollars extra. They take it, and the good-hit/no-field Johnson moves into the starting lineup. He can't field, but neither could my other second basemen. Murff moves to the NY Giants bullpen.

    Jim Greengrass traded from Cincinnati to Philadelphia for two minor leaguers from the Phillies, Ed Bouchee and Jackie Mayo. Looks like a good trade.

    Cass Michaels is traded to the Giants for Carl Bowles, Sal Yvars and Foster Castleman of the Philadelphia Athletics. Another acquisition the Giants put on the 25-man roster.

    National League Standings

    Chicago 10-3
    Philadelphia 8-5
    St. Louis 10-7
    Brooklyn 9-7
    Pittsburgh 7-6
    Cincinnati 9-8
    Boston 5-11
    New York 1-12

    American League Standings

    Cleveland 9-4
    Chicago 9-7
    St. Louis 9-7
    Boston 7-6
    Washington 7-6
    New York 7-9
    Detroit 5-8
    Philadelphia 5-11


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    Re: Even the Braves

    April 18th-20th, 1953

    A three day rest. Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, and Pirates coming up before the Braves finally return home. The Braves will travel by bus.

    I can remember the days of train travel. There used to have to be at least one day off before a Boston team played a team from St. Louis, as you'd need at least a day to travel by train to St. Louis. It wasn't exhausting. You had sleeping cars, dining cars, a chance to sit down and look around. You could play cards, walk the train, and according to my elders, the Boston press would have their own car. When the Cardinals came to Boston, it was the same situation, but in reverse.

    Now, we can fly the long distances. Private plane from Boston to St. Louis; the Braves can be there overnight which I think is amazing. A lot of players have had to adjust to airsickness, but those stewardesses in their tight little skirts and cute little hats make every flight an absolute pleasure.

    Joe Dobson of the White Sox struck out 11 of the Philadelphia Athletics. I reset the pitching rotation so that Warren Spahn will start. Brooklyn has spent its season on the road, so the 21st is opening day at Ebbets Field.

    April 21st-24th, 1953

    at Brooklyn

    L 4-9, L 4-5, W 8-1, W 9-3


    Joe Gordon breaks his right wrist. The doctors in Brooklyn say that playing is absolutely out of the question. They imply that the arm might never function the same way again. We pay for a train ticket to Boston and put Gordon on the DL for the entire year. I can get nothing for him, no players, no cash, no nothing. Bad news travels fast in the National League. We call up Harry Hanebrink from the Crackers; either Hanebrink or Pendleton will take over for Gordon.

    They jumped all over Spahn in the first game. Nine earned runs. Awful. We beat up on Kretlow in the third game, and Clem Erskine's ERA balloons like Joe Gordon's wrist to 11.39 as we take the second game.

    Herm Wehmeier of the Reds struck out 10 Chicago Cubs.

    As for me, I have Jim Wilson and his 8.19 ERA removed from the starting rotation. I'll give the kid, Joey Jay, a chance.

    April 25th-28th

    at New York

    W 8-4, W 5-1, W 6-0, L 9-10

    So far, we're 7-13, but the New York Giants are 4-16. Seventh place versus eighth place. If there's any chance for us to move up, it has to be here.

    In the first game, we lead 5-0 over Sal Maglie in the third and never look back. Spahn completes the second win -- and Jim Wilson now complains of shoulder problems. Thanks for nothing, Jim. Virgil Jester is called up from the Crackers while Wilson recovers.

    Eddie Mathews hits the homerun of a lifetime in the first game. With Sal Maglie pitching, he launches a shot right into the center field bleachers of the Polo Grounds. That was a shot over 475 feet to straight-away center, and according to the press, no one in Major League Baseball ever hit one that far at the Polo Grounds. (I happen to know, however, that at least two Negro Leaguers have hit it into center field.) Mathews, his charming self, tells reporters that he'll never see a fastball like that from Maglie again. He also suggests that maybe he should grow a beard, because they don't call Sal "The Barber" for nothing.

    Joey Jay shuts out the Giants 6-0. In the meantime, St. Louis is looking for Wichita Falls RF Billy Queen. I'm not impressed with Queen, so I palm off Walk Cooper and Quinn to the Cards in exchange for Al Brazle and $1 M. Cooper will start in St. Louis and I don't worry about resigning him. I move Brazle to middle relief and send down Dave Jolly to Milwaukee.

    Don Liddle gives up 4 runs in one inning of relief to keep us from sweeping the Giants. We're still in 7th place at 10-14, but we're not the 5-19 Giants.

    Interesting aside. In a 16-13 defeat by the Athletics at Connie Mack Stadium, the Browns and the Athletics get into a knuckle-duster. Six players got fined by the American League office.

    Philadelphia is 13-11 and 2 1/2 out. We're 10-14 and 5 1/2 out. Beating the Philles -- our next opponent -- isn't impossible.

    April 29th-May 2nd

    at Philadelphia

    L 3-6, L 0-8, L 2-3, W 11-2.

    Before the game, the Yankees call up. The front office want to get Max Surkont for Ralph Houk. I offer bum catcher Ebba St. Claire. They're so eager to accept tthat I wonder if I made a bad trade. Houk's bat is marginally better than Paul Burris's, so Houk will start.

    Max Surkont takes the loss in the first game. Curt Simmons shuts us out in the second.

    Billy Queen broke his collar bone in St. Louis. Out 5 weeks. Traded him at the right time, it seems. Ernie Johnson goes to 0-5 as we lose a second game on a sacrifice bunt. But Joey Jay goes to 3-0 and an 0.64 ERA as we win the last one 11-2.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    With an 11-17 record and in 7th place in the National League, it's time to make some changes.

    1) The surplus of left fielders in the rookie league. One of my LF has only had 10 at bats. It's time to start trading. I need 2b and 3b in the organization, so I get rid of Ray Shearer and Mike Krsnich for Stan Pawloski, a Rookie League 2nd baseman of the Cleveland Indians. I send him to Wichita Falls.

    I promote Chuck Tanner to AA Atlanta. Not that he's doing great, I just need room for left fielders to move up. Hank Aaron has been tearing up the Rookie Leagues (.365 BA, 3 HR) and I promote him to A-league Jacksonville.

    2) Pitching: The minor leaguers are doing quite well. So Charlie Gorin goes to AAA Milwaukee, and Dave Cole, Don McMahon, and Humberto Robinson are promoted to AA Atlanta.

    3) Lineup: The new lineup

    1) Bill Burton, CF: batting .267 with a .303 OBP, but I don't have anyone else
    2) Johnny Logan, SS: kicking *** with a .325 BA
    3) Andy Pafko, LF: hitting .414 with 11 HR.
    4) Joe Adcock, 1b: .398 BA, 7 HR
    5) Eddie Mathews, 3b: .381 OBP
    6) Davey Williams, 2b: a great acquisition: .341 BA for the Braves
    7) Harry Hanebrink, lf: only batting .217 - the major leagues were too much for him
    8) Ralph Houk, c: Batting .167 -- not good

    The Bench:

    George Crowe, 1b
    Billy Klaus, IF
    Bob Thorpe RF
    Jack Ditmer 2B
    Sibbi Sisti IF
    Jim Pendleton LF

    4) The bullpen

    1) Warren Spahn: 3-2, 4.94 ERA
    2) Joey Jay: 3-0, 0.64 ERA
    3) Vern Bickford: 5.57 ERA, 20 BB, 12 K - ugh
    4) Johnny Antonelli: 5.04 ERA, 2-2
    5) Mak Surkont: 7.04 ERA, 1-2 - I have no one to replace him with


    closer Lew Burdette: 3.00 ERA
    setup Al Brazle: 5.91 ERA, 0-2, 4 saves
    short Don Liddle: 7.94 ERA, 1-1
    middle Ernie Johnson, 8:27, 0-5 MAJOR CHANGES NEEDED
    long Bob Buhl: 0.77 ERA with 11 IP
    alt: Virgil Jester: has not pitched this year.


    Set pitcher use strategies back to baseline
    Dropped "steal bases" to 2 out of 10.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Okay, this post has been edited. I FORGOT to save the two weeks I just wrote about. This bites, since I have to replay the games and rewrite the post.

    Sorry for the delay.

    Last edited by petrel; 10-16-2005 at 05:36 PM.

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    Re: Even the Braves

    Found the missing data. Old data reposted. -- Pet.

    May 3rd-6th, 1953

    at Pittsburgh

    L 2-5. L 6-7, L 1-4, W 5-3

    While showing up to my office on Commonwealth Avenue, someone was holding up a sign saying "Save the Rosenbergs!" referring to the atomic spies, Julius and Ethel, who have been convicted to die. The woman wanted to give me a brochure. I told her that if Julius had an 80 mile an hour fastball, I would see what I could do, since we need relief help. Although, frankly, I'm probably not the person to talk to.

    That morning, I get my first call ever from the Red Sox. They want to offer me RP Tom Herd in exchange for AAA Jim Wilson (on the DL) and Rookie League LF Al Spangler. After they add $1 million to the package, I close the deal.

    Lou Kretlow wins the first game, getting revenge after we knocked him out of the Dodgers lineup. Al Brazle gives up a double and a single in the second loss. After that, the Brooklyn Dodgers make the offer of Bubba Church for starter Vern Bickford. I trade Bickford, move Buhl up to the starting lineup, and stick Ernie Johnson in the alternate starter spot until he finds his rhythm. Doesn't help. We lose again as Bob Friend pitches a complete game. However, Warren Spahn pitches a complete game to help us dodge the sweep.

    May 7-10th, 1953


    W 5-3, W 3-0, L 0-6, L 10-11

    Davey Williams hits a 3-run homer in the bottom of the 9th to finally give us a win against the suffering Giants at Braves Field. Attendance was 9,757. Bob Buhl pitches 8 innings of great ball as a starter to give us a 3-0 win in the second tilt. Dave Koslo and Red Murff (!) combine to shut us out 6-0 in Game 3. We lose the fourth game by one run. The Giants are the doormats of the league, and I'm starting to worry if we can't beat them at home. Our front office projects we won't even sell as much as a million tickets.

    Amusing sidebar . The woes of the St. Louis Browns continue. After Brownie shortstop Wally Miranda made an error in the 8th to allow the White Sox to take a 3-2 lead on May 7th, the disgusted Browns fans hurled their beer bottles out onto the field. This Sunday, we got the word from Gussie Busch -- beer will not be sold by the bottle at Sportsman's Park. That has to hurt the man who wanted to rename Sportsman's Park as "Budweiser Field". The Browns are 13-19 and in 7th place in the American league.

    Call him "The Mick" . On the 10th, Mickey Mantle hit a 565 ft home run off Chuck Stobbs of the Senators at Griffith Stadium. It's the longest home run in Griffith Stadium history.

    May 11th-14th, 1953


    W 2-1, W 6-5, L 3-6, L 206

    Warren Spahn got his 5th win in the first game. An Andy Pafko home run in the 8th gives us the victory in the second game.

    At the end of the second game, we pick up Reds free agent Harry Perkowski for $3.3 million for two years with a player option for the 3rd year. He'll stay on the DL with a sprained back until we can bring him into the rotation.

    Bob Buhl gives up four runs in the 6th for his first loss in the third game. The Phillies hit 5 runs in the 8th in the final game as Al Brazle goes 0-4 for the Braves.

    May 15th-17th, 1953


    L 0-1, L 0-3, L 3-13.

    The first of 11 straight games versus the "Redlegs".

    Max Surkont strikes out 8 in the first game...but the Braves don't help him. We get shut out a second time, Warren Spahn being the next victim. The third game...well, I'm disgusted. Kluszewski just murdered us. 2 HR, 5 RBI. We just rolled over and died.

    We're 16-27, sitting in 7th place. Worst attendance in Major League Baseball. It's going to be a long season in Boston.


    May 13th, 1953
    Phillies get: Joe Ginsberg (C)
    Detroit gets: Tommy Glaviano (3b): I think Detroit got the better deal.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Looking over the bills, it looks ugly:

    Bus trip to Cincinnati.
    Bus trip to Philadelphia.
    Plane trip to St. Louis.
    Plane trip to Brooklyn.
    Plane trip to St. Louis
    Plane trip to Boston.

    I can imagine it now, the Braves squeezed into a tiny Douglas DC-3 and left to the whims of fate. Everyone else is doing it, though, so I have no right to complain.

    May 19th-22nd, 1953
    at Cincinnati

    L 2-4, L 5-13, W 3-2, L 5-6

    What can you say. With our help, the Reds are now leading the national league. Ernie Johnson is the most valuable player we have for any other team, helping us in that 13-5 loss by giving up 3 runs in 2 innings to the Reds. It is our seventh straight loss. A home run by Joe Adcock breaks the streak to give us a 3-2 win but we can't follow it up, losing in the bottom of the 9th with a Grady Hatton single.

    Trades :

    To White Sox: Johnny Logan (SS)
    To Braves: Chico Carrasquel (SS)

    A tough decision. But Carrasquel is marginally better with the glove, and we put him in the #2 spot in the lineup.

    To Giants: Don Kolloway (1B)
    To Athletics: Bill Rigney (3B)

    Two old men, but I think Rigney still has a bit more snap in him than Kolloway.

    May 25th-27th, 1953
    at Cincinnati (second series of games after one day off)

    W 3-1 (11), L 1-3 (12), W 3-2, W 5-1

    Bill Bruton and Chico Carrasquel both singled in the top of the 11th for a much needed extra-inning win which knocked the Reds out of first and let the Phillies move up to the top of the league. Bob Buhl only gave up 3 hits in 8
    innings. Andy Semmick hits a home run off Lew Burdette in the bottom of the 12th in the second game to set us back again. A rally of singles in the sixth inning gives us the third game, and Warren Spahn only gives up 4 hits in a complete game victory.


    To White Sox: Harry Hanebrink (LF)
    To Braves: $1 million.

    Why...because I see that Monte Irwin has been unconditionally released by the Giants. We sign him as a free agent, at $1.4 million, but I am forced to use the hated "no-trade" clause to get him. Jim Pendleton will substitute at LF in our first game against the Phillies.

    How about them Indians? The Tribe has won 10 straight. They are 8 1/2 games ahead of the Red Sox and White Sox.

    Wash out his mouth! Russ Meyer gets a $250 fine for using abusive language on TV in a Dodgers-Cardinals game. I don't see why they fined him for the expletives, he pitched all nine innings and did a great job. Some people say Meyer can't handle adversity; looks like he can't handle success, either.

    May 29th-June 1st, 2005
    at Philadelphia

    L 2-6, W 5-2, L 4-9, L 4-5 (12)

    Joey Jay gives up 4 ER to the league-leading Phillies in the first game. Since the Giants have won 5 straight, this knocks us down into eighth place. Monte Irwin joins the lineup for our 5-2 win as an error by Del Ennis in the 9th
    opens the gate for five Braves runs and Philadelphia is knocked out of 1st in the National League in favor of the Dodgers. But Johnny Antonelli is knocked out early as the Phillies lead 7-0 in the 4th in the last game and never look

    Hanebrink broke his collar bone in Chicago. Three weeks out. Once again, a trade at the right time. But of course....

    ...[B} DISASTER, PART II [/B]

    Warren Spahn suffers a neck sprain. Poor fellow can't turn his neck. We send him home. Early indications is that it's a neck sprain and Spahn will be out for TWO WEEKS. Harry Perkowski will replace Spahn. And just when I
    thought I could get rid of Ernie Johnson.

    The news that Sir Edmund Hillary has conquered the unconquerable Mount Everest doesn't thrill any of us after we learn of Spahn's injury. In the bottom of the 12th inning of the final game, Bubba Church gives up a single to Willie Jones and we exit Philadelphia, in eighth place and seemingly without hope.


    To the Athletics: Ed Fitz Gerald (C)
    To the Pirates: Allie Clark (RF)

    Clark's fielding abilities give the Pirates the advantage in this trade. Then again, with the Athletics 15-33 and at the

    bottom of the American League, it won't matter.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    With the season looking as if it was going to go down the water closet, I began to look over the minor leagues of the

    various major league organizations to see if there were any players I was interested in.

    The list looked like this:

    Don Hoak (Dodgers)
    Ernie Banks (Cubs)
    Ken Boyer (Cardinals)
    Nellie King (Pirates)
    Dom Zanni (Giants)
    Gordon Jones (Cardinals)

    I made plans for acquiring the above when "Greybird" knocked on my door at Commonwealth Avenue. "Greybird" is an old friend of mine who keeps his ear close to the wall at what's going on around the league.

    It was 10 PM. "Greybird, I'm busy."

    "Pet...what if I told you that you could get...Ted Williams?"

    I gave him "the look". "And who would I have to sleep with to have that happen?"

    "I'm not kidding. Did you know what they're paying Teddy Ballgame across town? Only $3.9 million a year!"

    "The Red Sox are paying $4 million a year for Ted Williams? Not on your life!"

    "I'm as serious as death eating crackers."

    I looked at Greybird. "Ted Williams...can be got."

    "That's what I'm thinking. Any organization stupid enough to pay Ted Williams under $4 million/year can be had!"

    I immediately phone up Joe Cronin, the Red Sox General Manager. "Joe, this is Petrel. I want to make a deal for Ted Williams."

    "I'm listening," he said.

    Now I really knew he could be had. Any other normal human being would have exploded in loud, derisive laughter. The mere fact that I wasn't hearing a hyena cackle meant that the seeds for a steal were germinating.

    And I kept Joe Cronin up all night. Initially, part of my deal was trading Monte Irwin...but Irwin absolutely refused to waive his no-trade clause, so I was screwed (I don't think he liked being got out of bed, either). But in two hours...I made it happen.

    Red Sox get:

    Sibbi Sisti (2b)
    Joe Adcock (lf)
    Felix Mantilla (2b)
    Taylor Phillips (p)

    Braves get:


    "I'll tell Ted," Cronin said. "Nice working with you."

    "You too, Joe." I hung up before he could have a chance to change his mind!

    I wasn't calling any of the rat-assed Boston reporters. Let the St. Louis press find out when Ted shows up against the Cardinals. Ted would be on a plane to St. Louis, post-haste.


    1. CF Bill Bruton - .273 OBA, we are in desperate need of leadoff hitting
    2. SS Chico Carrasquel - .374 OBA this year, but only .213 while in Boston
    3. RF Any Pafko - 15 HR, .406 OBA
    4. LF Ted Williams - 8 HR, .514 OBA
    5. 2b Davey Williams - .413 OBA this year with 4 HR
    6. 3B Eddie Mathews - .325 ERA but 9 HR
    7. 1B George Crowe - .413 OBA\
    8. C Del Crandall - called up from AAA - I'm tired of Ralph Houk already


    Monte Irwin, LF
    Paul Burris, C
    Jim Pendleton, LF
    Bob Thorpe, RF
    Jack Ditmer, 2B
    Ralph Houk, C


    Harry Perkowski (until Warren Spahn recovers)
    Joey Jay
    Bob Buhl
    Johnny Antonelli
    Max Surkont


    Lew Burdette
    Al Brazel
    Tom Hurd
    Charlie Gorin (Ernie Johnson demoted to AAA Milwaukee)
    Virgil Jester
    Bubba Church

    Promoted to AAA Milwaukee Brewers

    Billy Klaus, IF (.392 OBA in AA Atlanta)
    Chi Chi Olivo, P
    Dave Cole, P
    Don McMahon, P
    Humberto Robinson, P

    (All of my AA pitchers are quite good.)

    Promoted to AA Atlanta Crackers

    Hank Aaron, OF (htting .426 OBA in A Jacksonville)
    Roberto Vargas, P

    The move of Aaron to AA has be a bit concerned. The Atlanta fans tend to be racist rednecks. I hope Aaron can take the abuse.

    Promoted to A Jacksonville Braves

    Frank Torre, 1b
    Lee Maye, OF
    Ray Crone, P
    Bob Giggie, P

    Now let's get the **** out of the cellar!


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Great stuff, I would suggest starting Irvin in CF and leadoff, he's got some speed and he's got a bat.
    I think, therefore I love the Dodgers. - My blog on local sports. - My Angels Expansion Dynasty.

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    Re: Even the Braves

    Quote Originally Posted by DIM
    Great stuff, I would suggest starting Irvin in CF and leadoff, he's got some speed and he's got a bat.
    Ahhhhh. A pity I've already played the next half-month of games.

    Irwin does have some speed, and I could sure use his bat in the lineup. The problem is, he's strictly a LF and Baseball Mogul goes gooey whenever you try to play players out of their "assigned" position (as if Monte Irwin didn't know what CF looked like). They forget how to field in unfamiliar positions, which I find highly unrealistic.

    I've already played through early June, so I might be taking your advice come late June.

    I definitely, definitely appreciate the thoughtful feedback. Feedback is life's blood to dynasty Mogulers.


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    Re: Even the Braves

    June 2nd-5th, 1953

    Today, Elizabeth the II will be crowned Queen of England after the death of her father, George the VI. Of course, I'm more interested in Teddy the I being crowned the new King of Baseball at Sportsman's Park. (The front office in

    Boston gives Liz a 5.9 out of 10 on looks.)

    Of course, good news travels fast. The Boston press, as I suspected, went apecrap when they found out. This is what I read in the papers.


    The front office has been deluged with phone calls, most of them obscene rants from Red Sox fans. While the sad Red Sox fans bemoaned their fate, I heard an interesting story when Ted Williams showed up in St. Louis to meet our manager, Charlie Grimm.

    "My name is Ted Williams," said Ted, "and I'm the best **** player in baseball."

    "Good afternoon, Mr. Williams," said Charlie, "I'm Charlie Grimm, and I'm the best **** manager in baseball."

    I think Ted and Charlie will get along just fine.

    at St. Louis

    L 3-9, L 10-12, W 11-5, L 1-3.

    We traded bench player Bob Thorpe to the White Sox after this game for White Sox minor leaguer Jim Landis. Landis was sent to A Jacksonville, since he has a .426 OBP. Billy Klaus is pulled up from AAA Milwaukee.

    Williams went 0-3 with a walk and a strikeout after the first game. He told the assembled Boston media, "Tell Joe Cronin he can kiss my a##!" Dutiful as ever, the Knights of the Keyboard were glad to report it.

    We get 16 hits in the second game but lose to the Cards 14 hits. Bob Buhl beats Vinegar Bend Mizell for the win in Game 3, and Carrasqel gets 5 hits. We get 4-hit in the last game and lose 3-1.

    Brooklyn leads the league now. They've won 10 straight, and we enter Ebbets Field as their next potential victims.

    June 6th-9th, 1953

    at Brooklyn

    W 7-2, L 2-5, L 5-9, W 4-3

    Ted is initally having a hard time adjusting to NL pitching. The Dodgers outhit us but are unable to assemble a victory in the first game. Harry Perkowski isn't Warren Spahn, and Vern Bickford gets his revenge against us for being
    traded. Ted sits out Game 3 for inexplicable reasons as Preacher Roe goes 8-1 to take the 3rd game for the Cards.

    Home runs by Ted Williams (his first NL HR, off Erv Palica) and Andy Pafko let us take the 4th game and split the series.


    Dodgers get: Jack Lohrke (SS)
    Phillies get: Pete Wojey (P), Dixie Howell (C)

    Lohrke is a so-so bat with an okay glove. Howell is washed up. Wojey has a ton of potential which has never been realized. I'll give it to the Dodgers, for now.

    June 10-12th, 1953

    at St. Louis

    W 9-3, W 10-7, W 4-1

    In Game One, Stan Musial gets a double and a home run, but the Braves get 16 hits to take the win and crawl into seventh place. We get 20 hits in the second game to the Cards 14. Andy Pafko's 20th HR of the year in the 5th
    inning of Game 3 gets us the unexpected sweep.

    After the third game, we find out that the Chicago White Sox want to trade Ferris Fain. We make the trade, but it takes a lot out of us to get Fain.

    White Sox get :

    Ralph Houk (C)
    George Crowe (1B)
    Ernie Johnson (P)
    Bob Giggie (P)

    Braves get :

    Ferris Fain (1b)

    June 14th-17th, 1953


    W 10-8 (15), W 9-5, W 7-6

    Home at last, with Ted and Ferris in tow!

    Bill Bruton homers in the bottom of the 15th for a 10-8 Game 1 victory and our 4th straight against St. Louis to a crowd of 25,000 at Braves Field. (We're only charging 24.25 a ticket now.) Bob Buhl goes to 5-2 as we win our 6th straight game. The Cardinals hit a six-run fourth inning but can't beat the Braves as we win 7-6 in Game 3 to go to 7 straight wins. And Tom Hurd gets his second straight relief win to go to 5-0 as we run the streak up to eight straight wins!!

    Cubs, beware! The Braves are on the warpath!!


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    Re: Even the Braves

    Even though Baseball Mogul turns the fielding ratings way down when you change positions, I would still do it, because fielding shouldn't matter as much as a bat in your lineup.
    I think, therefore I love the Dodgers. - My blog on local sports. - My Angels Expansion Dynasty.

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