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Thread: How To Make A Screen Shot

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    How To Make A Screen Shot

    Some folks have asked how. Here are 2 ways:


    From inside Baseball Mogul, you can choose 'Save Screenshot' from the Tools Menu.

    This will create a Mogul.jpg file in your Baseball Mogul folder showing the current News Page (it doesn't record any open Scouting Reports).

    (You can open your Baseball Mogul folder by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu).

    B) USING WINDOWS (this option will capture everything you see on the screen)

    Also, in most versions of Windows you can do the following:

    1) While viewing the window you want to save, click 'Alt-Print Screen'.

    2) From the Start Menu, find and open a program called 'Paint'.

    3) Once Paint has opened, click 'Shift-Insert'. This will paste the screen shot into the Paint program.

    4) Select 'File->Save As' to save this screen shot as a file (e.g. BMP or JPG).

    Note: If you want to capture the ENTIRE SCREEN (not just the top window), then click 'Ctrl-Print Screen' in step 1 (instead of 'Alt-Print Screen')

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    Re: How To Make A Screen Shot

    Clay ... thankyou ..... wondered how I could do that

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    Re: How To Make A Screen Shot

    Can this be done with BBM2K7?

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    Re: How To Make A Screen Shot


    For more complete instructions, please see:
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