Sports Mogul fans,

It's been a busy August so I'm just now getting around to the ďAugust Newsletter".


Many of you will be happy to hear that Baseball Mogul 2005 is finally available on CD-ROM. Here's the link to order your copy:

(Note that you can order by check or money order using the above link.

Just fill out the online forms and choose 'Pay By Check Or Money Order' -- the web site will give you the mailing address).

Of course, you can still order the game by download (and avoid shipping charges) by clicking on this link:

This yearís version features:

(1) NEW minor league draft

(2) NEW transaction log -- records trades, draft picks, contracts, injuries, hitting streaks, awards and much more for every player

(3) Updated rosters and stats

(4) Many AI and interface improvements

Here are some other useful links:

Baseball Mogul 2005 Main Page:

Baseball Mogul 2005 Free Demo:

Baseball Mogul 2005 Screen Shots (and a description of some new features):

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get Baseball Mogul 2005 into any retail stores. If you get the chance, please let your local computer game store know that you'd like them to carry the Mogul games!


We recently released another upgrade for Baseball Mogul 2005, including an improved Player Editor plus some other small changes. If you haven't done so already, you can download version 7.14 at:


We have completed upgrading Baseball Mogul Online to incorporate many of the new features in Baseball Mogul 2005, such as new Scouting Reports and 'Overall' and 'Peak' ratings for every player. If you haven't yet played Baseball Mogul Online, now is the time to give it a try. There are lots of open leagues, many with custom rules. For more info, click this link:

(Note: the confirmation e-mails sent by Baseball Mogul Online sometimes gets stopped by spam filters. If you don't receive confirmation of your registration within a few minutes, please contact me at and I will send the link manually).


Football Mogul 2005 has just reached beta and we expect to have it available for sale on our web site in September.

This year's version of Football Mogul includes stats for over 2500
players, supplied by Sean Lahman. If you haven't yet ordered a copy of his most recent book ("Pro Football Forecast 2004"), I HIGHLY recommend it ( It's very similar to the insightful Bill James Baseball Abstracts, but with additional strategy and projections for Fantasy Football fans.


Finally, there are some polls on our website about new features for Baseball Mogul Online and Baseball Mogul 2006. I would love to get your feedback on these items before we decide on the next features for these games.

Here is the poll for Baseball Mogul Online:

And here is the poll for Baseball Mogul 2006:

Again, thanks for your continued support!



Clay Dreslough
President, Sports Mogul Inc.