Sports Mogul fans,

If you're keeping track, you noticed there was no September Newsletter. We've been busy moving from Chicago back to Connecticut. Red Sox fans can thank us for bringing our mojo back to New England -- and Cub fans can blame us for their late season nosedive.



The download version of Football Mogul 2005 is available at

New features this year include:

- NEW All-Time Leaderboard tracks Career, Single-Season and Single-Game leaders for 30 different stats
- NEW Scouting Reports, including 'Overall' and 'Peak' ratings for every player
- NEW Roster Screen: sort one team or the entire league using over 100 different statistical categories and ratings
- UPDATED rosters, stats and customized ratings for 2004 Opening Day Rosters
- EVERY rookie from the 2004 NFL Draft
- ALL-NEW ratings for all 2004 Offensive Linemen
- IMPROVED Trading: trade draft picks on draft day to get the exact pick you want
- MORE REALISTIC Football Game Engine
- SMARTER Artificial Intelligence
- REAL 2004 NFL schedule, plus realistic schedules for 2005 and beyond

If you've already purchased Football Mogul 2005, you can get the current unofficial patch at

We are still working on the Football Mogul 2005 Demo, and the CD-ROM Version.


Back on March 23rd of this year, we used Baseball Mogul to simulate the 2004 season 1,000 times. That's over 2.4 million simulated games, and over half a BILLION simulated pitches. Thanks to Baseball Mogul's optimized engine, we were able to conduct this research in about 4 hours on one computer.

We're proud to say that we correctly predicted the Red Sox and Cardinals meeting in the World Series. We weren't 100% right (we also predicted the Giants would win the NL West). But we're proud that our simulation was accurate enough to pick the League Champions and World Series Winner.

Here's the complete article from back in March: (this is also a good link to send to your baseball fan friends).

Again, thanks for your continued support! And if you're a Red Sox fan, please celebrate safely! Perhaps we'll see you at the parade...



Clay Dreslough
President, Sports Mogul Inc.