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Thread: Kicker Stats Bug

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    Kicker Stats Bug

    Don't know when this started, but the points on all Kicker's yearly stats are not adding up (FG*3, XP*1). Example:

    Neil Rackers (real life 2003) on Football Mogul screen:

    GP PAT <30 30-39 40-49 50+ FG% LG PTS
    ARI 7 8/8 5/5 1/4 3/3 0/0 75% 49 72

    PTS should be 35.


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    I believe this is fixed in the current patch.
    Clay Dreslough, Sports Mogul Inc.
    cjd at sportsmogul dot com / blog / twitter

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    I have patch version 3.02...?

    Clay,Thanks for the reply, but I DO have version 3.02 and the kicker problem exists.

    Also, I was able to edit the player.csv file in Excel, and select save as csv file, but FBmogul does not recognize the files when I try to reimport my changes. I am more than happy to update rosters for everyone, but do not know how to do this without changing each player's card (very time consuming) versus quickly editing an Excel file and saving he format.

    Can you please address this here in the forums?

    Thanks, IronGoalie

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