(posted by Dee for Clay)

Dear Sports Mogul Fans,

I am writing today to let you know that I am no longer working full-time for Sports Mogul, and haven't been for some time. In fact, I have not received a paycheck from the company since last year, and was forced to take a full time job with another employer to support my family.

We've had difficulties in the last year with one publisher, and despite our great current relationship with Softek (not to be confused with Softwrap) our revenue has not grown enough for this to again be my full time job. Sports Mogul is still financially solvent (and even rebounding somewhat). Eventually, it will recover completely from these setbacks. However, the company will remain forever changed by them.

For myself personally, the daily hassles of running and trying to grow a business ate into my time to the point where I was hardly programming at all. Now that we've scaled back, I'm able to focus more specifically on improving the game, just somewhat more slowly.

My wife Dee also doesn't have much time to give to Mogul. She has her hands full with a hyperactive 3-year-old and a modest attempt to return to school and finally finish her undergraduate degree, with hopes of eventually re-entering the job market herself to further support our family. She is not paid a wage by Sports Mogul Inc. commensurate with her hours or the stress some customer service issues have placed on her. However, she will continue to provide customer service for our products and sales to the level she has been currently.

Ian Smith is also only able to contribute part-time -- we simply haven't been paying him enough to work full-time. As many of you know, James Grove left the company months ago.

The long and the short of this is that we are not going to be the Mogul of last year or the year before. We are officially ending our 7-year policy of trying to respond to every e-mail we receive. For now, when you write to Sports Mogul, you will either receive a form letter, or no response. We have created a number of FAQs to answer frequently asked questions. These are available from the Sports Mogul Technical Support page
(http://www.sportsmogul.com/support/index.htm). If you have a question that isn't answered on these pages, we will try to post an answer at some point in the future.

Any time that I can give to Mogul will go directly into features. If you send me an e-mail requesting a feature, I will read it but I almost certainly will not respond.

At this point, I do expect that we will publish another Football Mogul for this Fall, and another Baseball Mogul for next Spring. As the time nears, I will let you know whether each release will be a minor update posted on our website, or a major revision with the full backing of a major publisher. I still dream of building Basketball Mogul (and eventually Hockey Mogul) -- but you can understand why we haven't found the time to get these products done.

This isn't good-bye. This is just a letter to let you know that for now, you won't be getting the features and responsiveness from me that you did back when I was working 100-hour weeks in my basement. Those days are gone. We'll do what we can, when we can, but the corporation is no longer our sole focus.

We still feel a debt of gratitude to every single person that buys our products and supports our efforts -- and we want to do what we can to continue to improve those products. Right now we simply aren't able to put the effort in that we would like to. I want to make sure you are all aware of this, and the reasons behind it.

Thanks for listening. I will be sure to give you any updates as I am able.

Best regards,

Clay Dreslough
Sports Mogul Inc.