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Thread: Possible Bug Problem

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    Possible Bug Problem

    I have recently updated to the 2022 version of Mogul. Through 23 games, I have been involved in three extra inning games. =The first was a win, and the winning and losing pitchers were shown. The other two were losses, and in each case, the winning pitcher on the opponent's team was indicated as the winner, while my losing team pitcher is listed in the box score with gibberish, and when going back to the roster page, the loss was not recorded in their personal records. Any ideas?

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    Re: Possible Bug Problem

    That is a bug. I've had infielders and outfielders listed as losing pitchers in extra inning games.

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    Re: Possible Bug Problem

    Well the one time I did see what could be described as giberish is times when I've tried to retrieve box scores that have beenfrom games that were played several versions back, like trying to get box scores for games in the 2017 version where these games were played acutally in Mogul 2015. I have seen that really happen. I solved that problem by going back to 2015 mogul and retrieving the box scores/recaps through there and then putting them in the later version's out put folder being careful of course not to left or right click those dates in the calendar so as not to have the problem re-occur.

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