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Thread: Huge Problem---please respond

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    Huge Problem---please respond

    At this point the game FB23 is unplayable. I played through the first season just fine but the first college draft will NOT FINISH. Everything is fine until the last pick of round seven---after making that pick the draft does not close and there is no way to force it to close. Clicking DONE simply gives FB23 is NOT responding---likewise clicking any button does the same and you cannot skip the last pick. I have allowed the program to run up 55 minutes waiting for the game to respond and NOTHING happens !!! I certainly hope that you will respond----over the years when I have had a problem you have NEVER responded with a solution---please do so this time !!!

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    Re: Huge Problem---please respond

    I'm unable to replicate this bug starting with the 2022-2023 season.

    However it's quite possible this bug only occurs when you start in one (or more) specific seasons. Let me know which season you started in. If I can make it happen on my machine, I'll find a way to fix it.


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    Re: Huge Problem---please respond

    hamline66: you might also want to send Clay the .mog file. Having the game file where the issue occurs is helpful if it is an issue created by specific settings in your franchise. I suggest this because I have run many FB23 games without encountering the issue you describe.

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