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Thread: Honest assessment of FB 23 v FOF?

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    Honest assessment of FB 23 v FOF?

    So, I have not tried a Football Mogul game in many years. For a football text sim, I generally go with FOF. I had found FOF far better than FM in almost every way, but again, this is going back many years. Can anyone shed some light on the current FM, and how far the series has some? For one thing, has the bug where players randomly disappear been fixed? I play just as a GM (simming, rather than coaching, games), if that matters. Thanks!

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    Re: Honest assessment of FB 23 v FOF?

    Football Mogul is quicker and easier to play than other versions. I am not sure FOF is still updating? ActionPC is costly. But Mogul has a complete football history and is amazingly easy to play.
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    Re: Honest assessment of FB 23 v FOF?

    I agree with Daves.

    If you are detailed orientated and want to manage every aspect of your team/franchise, you will probably prefer FOF.
    If you are more interested in building a team through trades and the draft and not managing the details, you will probably prefer FB Mog.

    You can try an old edition of FB Mog for free (v17). Get it here (scroll down to bottom of screen):

    There have been significant improvements since V17; however, it will give you an idea of the difference in detail / ease of play.
    The current FB Mog build is 23 version 20.01 with a patch coming out in a week or two.

    The current FOF build is 8 version 4 (developer Solecismic) released 20 Feb 2021. Rosters are not current.
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