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Thread: 12 Suggestions for Game Improvement

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    12 Suggestions for Game Improvement

    ** the latest patch fixes #1 & #3 (for #3, the default is set to 20, would have preferred 0 in case of future modifications).

    ** the patch also introduces an issue - drafted players for year 2022 lose an average of 4.4 points in Overall & Peak after being drafted (using Perfect Scouting). Developer has been made aware of this issue.

    Some of these 12 items are bugs, some new or expanded features; however, I consider all of them to be issues related to enjoyment of the game.

    1. Fix the issue with trades just before the draft.

    When using the Trading Block, offer a player for a draft pick. Then wait.
    Depending upon the CPU, it can be several minutes before the offers are all presented.
    On my oldest computer (8 years old), the wait exceeds 10 minutes.

    This issue does not occur when a player is offered for a player.

    2. When a new game is started (Game->New Game)

    A. set the Human-team playbook to match the Human-team Defensive Scheme.

    B. retain the gamer's setting for the Skin. This was done in previous releases but keeps getting reverted.

    C. retain all values set in Tools->Options.

    D. provide an option (under Tools->Options...) not to download player logos and images.

    3. Under Find Players, change the default value for attributes from 50 to 0.

    The default should be to find all players so that the gamer only has to change attributes of interest to them.
    And not have to change attributes not of interest.

    When the lowest attribute value for a player was 50, this value was fine. When the lowest attribute value was changed to 20, this should have been changed but wasn't.
    To allow for a future change of the lowest attribute value, the default for the Find attributes should be set to 0.

    4. Retain player selected columns, size and order (during the game and when the game is saved) for:
    Players->Sortable stats...
    Players->Find Players...
    Players->Free Agents...
    Players->College Draft...

    It is really, really, really, really annoying to have to reselect, reselect these every, every, every time.

    5. The player scouting dialog display (click on the player's name, select Scouting) has a limited number of attributes that are shown.

    Change the dialog so that the lower section is like Sortable Stats - where the gamer can select the fields to display for each position.
    Retain these selections during games and when new games are started.

    Some reasons:
    the QB display does not include Fumbles and Fumbles Lost.
    the RB display does not show Fumbles Lost.
    for Defensive players Fumble Recoveries are not displayed.
    allows viewing the details for a player's full career for all stats.

    6. Allow viewing of the Awards from within the program.

    The gamer should not have to go into the file system in order to view awards.
    Since Awards are only relevant after the end of a season, add an option to view them under History.

    7. Allow viewing of previous years game results including playoffs.

    Allow viewing (and visual replay) of individual games from previous years.
    Allow viewing of the Calendar, Standings, Leaders, Games and Playoffs Tabs for previous years.
    Allow viewing of Awards for previous years.

    Would suggest having a menu option under History to view previous years.
    Then display a separate window that is view-only for those tabs. Otherwise you will run into program-state issues.

    8. Consolidate all Draft related functions under a single top-level menu.

    Players->College Draft is not viewable until the Draft. So why have it under Players?
    College and Fantasy Draft should be under a top level Draft menu. Along with make Draft Pick, Start Draft and End Draft - when active.
    The menu selection to view Drafted and Undrafted players should also be under the Draft top level menu. Not under Players.

    These items have no applicability at any time other than the Draft. They should not be scattered under other menus.

    9. When the gamer starts the draft, don't put up a dialog stating that they need to select the menu option Play->Make Draft Pick.

    Put up the dialog to make the draft pick. Why the extra step??

    10. Add the ability for the gamer to set fatigue substitution criteria for their team players.

    It is not clear whether players are actually substituted for fatigue as stated in the documentation. If not, then this feature should be added...

    When a substitute is nearly as good as the starter, one might sub when the starter is at 95%. But if the substitute is mediocre, the substitution might be at 80%.
    Make setting these criteria optional (under the Options menu). Provide an AI determined default.

    11. Allow the gamer to set criteria for mass substitutions when a game is a blowout.

    For example: 4-th quarter 6 minutes left, up (or down) by 23+, use substitutes while up by 20 (or down by 20).

    12. Use the medical budget for more than injuries:

    Add Peak Start and Peak End to the displayable columns.

    When Peak Start and Peak End are displayed, vary the values based upon Budget->Expenses->Medical Staff. As is done for Scouting.

    Add Perfect Medical to the Tools->Options dialog (which will display actual Peak Start/End). As is done for Scouting.
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