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Thread: Stats Issues YAC and Yards per Catch

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    Stats Issues YAC and Yards per Catch

    1) According to the NFL: traditionally YAC is measured by taking the difference between the yards gained and the air yards of a completed pass.

    This means that catching the ball 5 yards behind the LOS and advancing to 5 yards beyond the LOS is 5 yards of YAC - not 10. It is also*5 yards gained for the QB (air yards = 0).

    In the current version of FB Mogul, RBs and FBs often have YAC > yards per catch - which is not possible given the definition of YAC.

    2) The calculation of yard per catch appears to be off by a small amount. 33 passes caught for 333 yards is 10.1 yards per completion. Sortable stats displays it as 10.4.

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    Re: Stats Issues YAC and Yards per Catch

    Thanks for posting this. It's possible I'm counting yards behind the Line of Scrimmage when calculating YAC.

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