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    Draft Strategy

    In the Input directory, the DraftStrategy.txt file determines the draft strategy of all teams. The default strategy does not reflect NFL drafting very well. There are good reasons for this. Teams draft using different strategies. Some go for measurables, others for on-field performance and others by combine/workout sessions (or a combo of all of these). Teams also differ in drafting based upon need, best available, and/or a hope and a prayer (recently, think Trey Lance and possibly Malik Willis if he is taken high in the first round).

    You can not use salary trends as a basis for drafting. Over the last 10 years, more LBs have been drafted in the first round than QBs, CBs or DBs. Only 2 more WRs were drafted than LBs. Yet the pay difference is massive.

    Ability at position is also not a primary consideration since top Ks, Ps, and FBs rarely are drafted prior to the 4th round.

    So drafting appears to be based on 1) Position, 2) Ability at the position, 3) Need. The top drafted positions in the 1st round (2012-2021)were (in order):
    WR, DE, T, QB, DB, DT, LB, CB, RB, G, S, OLB, TE, C, OL, ILB, DL, NT, K, P, FB, LS
    ** K, P, FB & LS had 0 1st rounders, they are ranked by highest round picked in.
    ** when ILBs, OLBs and LBs are combined, LBs were drafted 2nd to WRs.

    Even though fewer QBs are drafted in the first round than other positions, they tend to be drafted higher. When overall pick is considered, this is the order by position:
    QB, T, G, DT, CB, DE, S, DL, WR, LB, DB, TE, C, RB, OL, P, K, FB

    So when you modify the DraftStrategy.txt file to try to emulate the NFL draft, it is impossible to emulate accurately. If you rank the QBs too high, too many get picked in the 1st round (even mediocre ones). Rank then lower and top QBs get drafted too low. So you have to find a middle ground.

    I am currently using the below values. If you have something better, please provide your strategy!
    28, // QUARTERBACK 0
    15, // RUNNING_BACK 1
    4, // FULLBACK 2
    16, // TIGHT_END 3
    25, // WIDE_RECEIVER 4
    25, // TACKLE 5
    19, // GUARD 6
    14, // CENTER 7
    24, // DEFENSIVE_END 8
    17, // LINEBACKER 10
    21, // CORNERBACK 11
    19, // SAFETY 12
    0, // KICKER 13
    0, // PUNTER 14

    You may be puzzled by my ranking the FB higher than kickers and punters when FB are the least valued. Apparently, the game itself does some adjustments independent of the values in this file. So the higher number is to compensate for the games "adjustments".
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