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Thread: Future Rookie Draft Classes

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    Future Rookie Draft Classes

    How would I edit the future draft classes as I progress each season? I have FM17 and when I start a new season I want to edit the draft class for that season and the ones beyond.

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    Re: Future Rookie Draft Classes

    I have been trying to get info on this since there appear to be issues creating the databases needed.
    However, if you want to give it a try, this will get you started.

    You can change rookie classed, create future teams / years, change or create historical teams, etc.
    You can change the talent of teams to statistically match the actual performance for the year.
    You can change the names of the conferences, divisions, team names and much more.

    Some things you will need to know.

    1. Expect issues.
    2. The directions for modification of the necessary files is inadequate. Among other issues, there are entries in the file you will modify for which there is no identification of their purpose.
    3. Make a copy of any file you are going to edit - before you edit it. So you will be able to recover...
    4. I would suggest making a copy of the entire FB Mogul folder and making your changes there, since when the new databases are created the old ones are overwritten. That way you won't have to reinstall the program.
    5. The Stats folder is in the Input folder.

    These directions are inadequate but do provide an overview of the files used by FB Mogul:

    Follow these instructions instead:

    ** note that a rookie has no specific designation. Players without accumulated stats are rookies.

    If by chance you are successful, perhaps a posting of how you did it would be useful to others...

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