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Thread: 2 quick questions..

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    Question 2 quick questions..

    1. I generally play as the Mets in the different leagues I am in. In each season, whenever inter-league games are scheduled, the AL east always plays the NL east, the central plays the central and the west plays the west. Is there any way to adjust the schedule so that interleague games are scheduled against team in other divisions?..

    2. I have played, and am playing, 4 different versions of SM. 2008, 2010, 2013, 2016. Each version has different features I enjoy, Just for the heck of it, I tend to switch the draft to inject all female players in the draft. When I did this in the 2008 version, the players in the amateur draft actually reflected female names, my favorite being Angela Ravenscroft, whom I drafted and who eventually ended up in the HOF. The other thee versions show all male names in the draft, but each of the players indicate female in their profiles. Is there any way to adjust the game so that female names are once again listed whenever a female player appears?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 2 quick questions..

    There is a way to make you own schedule, but in general the game uses actuals.
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    Re: 2 quick questions..

    Well to a certain point yes that is true. One thing I was always wondering about is how do you tell what the ball/strike count is. I notice a bunch of numbers on the screen but they look more like field dimensions than a ball/strike count. The only way I can tell any kind of ball strike count is in a game replay, the only time I've ever seen one.

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