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Thread: 2018 Baseball Mogul Problem

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    2018 Baseball Mogul Problem


    I was getting ready to calculate some ratings for my 1983 MVP Baseball 2005 and getting the rosters & pitchers situated in Mogul 2018, when I got to the 1983 Angels (I didn't change years or anything in the League Editor or nothin'. As you can see on BBall Mogul 1 & 2, I have the line ups for both RH & LH, then... I go back over to RH with only doing that (I didn't go out of the team, etc.), the game didn't keep the RH line up the same. WHAT'S UP???


    Larry Kitner
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    Re: 2018 Baseball Mogul Problem

    That's always been a problem when you move out of the 14 ML spots to bench spots in the minors tab, even though they are on the MLB team. I don't know a solution to this except to make sure all regular lineup players are in the first 14 spots.

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