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Thread: Clay's Appearance on the Digital to Dice Podcast

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    Clay's Appearance on the Digital to Dice Podcast

    Clay Dreslough, Sports Mogul Inc.
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    Re: Clay's Appearance on the Digital to Dice Podcast

    Ok will listen. Wish it was live.
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    Re: Clay's Appearance on the Digital to Dice Podcast

    I enjoyed the Podcast.

    Early this spring I came across the CSFBL site and thought about joining it. So I read their rules and game play and liked their idea of simulating one week each day. Playing 12 seasons in one year I had never tried that before with BM.

    Rather than join their site I loaded BM onto my PC. I first looked at using the free 2018 version but opted for using my BM2011 copy. I was more familiar with changing things around in the 2011 version.

    I set the league up the way baseball was when I was a kid. Two leagues each with eight teams. It was easier to follow all the players back then. I had the sim create all fictional players for each team. Then I downloaded the player pictures for each teams 40 man roster from the Baseball-Reference site for those eight teams.

    So I started playing in the year 2010 using 2021 player pics. I then renamed each picture as C1b1 for example. (Meaning Cincinnati Red, First Baseman). The second 1 meaning the he was the first string first baseman. C1b2 would be the second string first baseman.

    Then it was simple to go into each team roster and rename the players and add his picture by position. I did this for each teams 40 man roster.

    The game is all fictional after the first year anyway and I am enjoying the sim once again.
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