Baseball Mogul 2021, v. 24.13

This is a regular season NL game, with two NL teams at an NL park.

I am playing in play-by-play, one-pitch mode.

In this game, I had a different 1B originally (Cron).
Anderson was at SS.
Calhoun was in LF.

When my 1B came up to bat, I chose Ohtani to pinch-hit for him.

Then, this happens:
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Ohtani is correctly inserted at 1B, but for some reason, my SS gets moved to DH, my LF gets moved to SS, and I have no LF visible in my lineup.

Then, when on defense, this is the screen I see when going to make a defensive substitution:
Name:  Capture2.JPG
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Some how I've now got two Willie Calhouns. I can tell from the defensive ratings on the field overlay that Willie Calhoun does seem to be in both positions.

UPDATE: I can confirm that this happens even if I pinch-hit Ohtani for a pitcher.