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Thread: Bugs/Issues FM 22

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    Bugs/Issues FM 22

    I have played a ton of baseball mogul but this is the first year of Football mogul.

    1. I noticed the contracts seem to be messed up all the rookie deals are 1-year deals.

    2. I only get to sim the entire season and not game by game. Also, I could not make it sim the playoffs.

    3. I did not see any awards, or leaders like in baseball mogul.

    4. stats do not to seem to match the actual game numbers.

    5. After a season I always play the exact same schedule every year.

    6. Fantasy draft seems to crash often

    7. Trades seem to crash the game.

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    Re: Bugs/Issues FM 22

    I have been doing some beta testing for Clay and did not encounter some of your issues.
    If you have some time, could you provide some additional info? I would like to see if I can replicate the issues you are having...
    What is your OS and what year or years you are starting in?

    WRT #1. A new franchise starting in year 2021 has 496 contracts for players with 0 years of experience (rookies).
    223 are on 1 year contracts. Of these 30 are free agents and therefore not on a contract.
    While less than 40% are on 1 year contracts, you are absolutely correct, they should be on 3 year contracts.

    WRT #2. This is baffling. When you select Play->One Week, it does not play that week? When you reach the playoffs, exactly how are you attempting to sim them? (pressing Ctrl-1, selecting Play->One Week...)

    WRT #3. Awards are in the Output directory in an Awards file (very intuitive - not). Leaders are under the Leaders tab.

    WRT #4. Specifically which stats don't match. A known issue is that the Sacks stats do not match. What else have you identified?

    WRT #5. I have not see this. What year are you starting in? Hopefully you are not running the Single Season Simulator?

    WRT #6. A known issue with the Fantasy draft is: when it is started, a pick is made, draft canceled, and then the draft started again, it crashes.
    What is your sequence?

    WRT #7. I have done literally hundreds of trades for players, draft picks and combos of players and draft picks. No issues.
    What year are you running? Are you using the Trading Block or using Players->Trades...?
    When are you making the trades? If just before the draft, this is a known bug. If you wait long enough (10 minutes +) trade offers will be made.

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    Re: Bugs/Issues FM 22

    they're right about #5, my first test run was with the Texans. In season 3 I noticed I was playing the same opponents I always do, like the NFC West, the Bills, Chiefs, etc. I realized it's the exact same opponents, it's just the schedule gets re-shuffled each season

    Thanks for the heads up about awards, been playing Football Mogul since I first bought a disk version at the dollar store in the early 2000's (I remember when I realized that stud fictional RB in Detroit was actually Barry Sanders lol) and I had NO idea that Football Mogul actually generated awards

    One major bug I've seen is duplicate players in the original draft class, a lot of the 1st rounders are re-populated later at lower overalls. So there's like a 79/89 Spencer Rattler, and a 69/71 Spencer Rattler. Also, a handful of draft prospects are listed at 122 years old, with the scouting report reflecting it by saying "they're getting up there in age but they've got a few good years left"

    can I also add poor free agent handling? Before I start my season I go through and balance my roster, I'll be low on cap space and need to sign bodies to fill out. Needed some linebackers, and EVERY available free agent linebacker was at least a 80 overall and all wanted more money than I had cap space. Where are all the 50/60/70 free agents??

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    Re: Bugs/Issues FM 22

    The 121 year old player issue is fixed. Birth year was incorrectly 1999. Should be out in the next update.

    Wow! How did you catch that? Only 82 in the 2022 draft are unique. 91 have a single duplicate and 9 have triplicates. For the triplicates each is almost exactly 10 points lower than the one rated higher.

    You're getting free agents rated above 75?? I must have the market cornered on lousy free agents .

    In testing, I was initially ecstatic that I was getting young Free Agents rated above 75. Then I set my team to Arizona and since then I never get a free agent rated 80 or above. Even tried a total re-install. The developer has also encountered this issue and is working on it.

    I suggested having bidding against the computer AI for FAs. Others have suggested using the Baseball Mogul paradigm.

    You are correct about the 2022 draft class. Unique issue to that year. In 2023 and beyond the drafts do not have duplicates.

    To round out your roster, you could trade excess players at one position for a player at the position you need to fill out. This has some advantages since the computer players sometimes have less cap impact than a free agent would. Do your trades in the first year to get the best offers.

    WRT awards. The file has been there for years (decades?). Unfortunately, there were no actual awards in it. FB Mog 22 is the first version that actually has awards in the file.

    I have relayed (with attribution) your discovery of the duplicate players in the 2022 draft, the incorrect handling of the yearly scheduling and the need for lesser Free Agent players at each position.

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