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Thread: Smooth Blue 2021 skin updated

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    Cool Smooth Blue 2021 skin updated

    Dear Baseball-Moguls out there.
    Updating to BM 2021 today I again had to realize that the program surface with the standard skins still has a very outdated look in my point of view.
    So that's why I also updated my rework of the "Smooth Blue" skin.

    So that's why I want to present you my skin called "Smooth Blue 2021" this time.
    BUT I want to say that the credits don't belong to me alone.
    So my skin contains things from the original "Smooth Blue 09" skin by Enzoli

    Download link =>

    I definitely recommend to use my skin together with the "official" internal downloads for logos and photos in BM 2021.
    I also prepared a combined portrait pack 2017 -2020 (here I combined different packs found the mod forum e.g. the portraits for 2020 by Woods).
    Download link:

    Please let me know if you like my skin or if you find any graphic errors or other bugs.

    Name:  Smooth Blue 21 - Calender.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  316.4 KB
    Name:  Smooth Blue 21 - Depth.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  381.5 KB
    Name:  Smooth Blue 21 - Leaders.JPG
Views: 93
Size:  334.6 KB
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    Re: Smooth Blue 2021 skin updated

    you describe my typical scenario. I tell myself every year i will not buy until I see some sort of interface update; because that is my only complaint. Every year I buy baseball mogul and OOTP.

    I have not jumped in to Mogul yet but have pre-ordered OOTP.


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