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Thread: No Cash in trades

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    No Cash in trades

    There was no cash option for trades. Only balance with picks?
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    Re: No Cash in trades

    It is my understanding that the option of offering cash was taken out since "NFL teams do not include cash in trades". NFL teams do include a cash equivalent in trades. They negotiate how much of a player's salary each team will pay. This is the equivalent of cash. I have asked Clay to either restore the feature or make it optional.

    Balancing with picks is problematical after the first year since the computer teams value your picks as relatively worthless. In the previous version of the game you can observe this by offering your picks for cash (do this in the 2-nd year (or later) of the franchise. In the 1st year the offers are good). Then try to buy their picks using cash. Notice their picks are valuable, yours aren't.

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