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Thread: Sadly, I Wait...

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    Sadly, I Wait...

    While FB Mog 21 adds current data, the problem with the release (for me) is the failure to address major issues which seriously degrade the enjoyment of running the simulation. Below is my list of items that need to be addressed before I upgrade...

    Completion rate in the first 4 to 6 weeks of a season is way too low.
    An average completion rate of under 50% for all starting QBs in FB Mogul is normal. This would have been normal in the NFL in the 1930s...

    AI play selection at the end of the fourth quarter is awful:
    Will attempt a field goal on first, second and/or third down when ahead instead of running out the clock.
    Will run the ball when behind in the final two minutes and run out the clock.
    Will take a knee when the other team has timeouts and thereby fail to run out the clock - giving possession to the trailing team.
    Will fail to attempt a field goal to tie or win the game when trailing and in field goal range - even on fourth down!
    Will attempt a field goal with less than 2 minutes left and trailing by 5. Instead of going for it on fourth and one...

    AI play selection at the end of the half is poor:
    Sometimes it does not kick a short field goal and runs a play instead (running out the clock).
    Running plays are selected way too frequently even when in scoring position.

    Wrong team kicks off after a TD followed by a successful 2 point conversion.

    Algorithm for game play. Weaker teams win far more often than they should. A team with NO players rated above 72 does as well as
    teams with over half their starters rated above 80. Highly rated players do not appear to perform much better than average players.

    Injury algorithm.
    It is random as to which players get injured on which play. QBs get injured on kickoffs!
    A one week injury can result in a permanent massive loss in ability (10 points or more).
    When a player has a one week injury in the Conference championship, they should be available to play two week later in the Super Bowl.

    Aging should occur a the end of the season and prior to the start of the next season. NOT based upon birthday.
    The ridiculous aging algorithm results in players losing ability between the end of the draft and the start
    of a season and from one game to the next during the season.

    Normalization appears to be done unevenly with higher rated players being reduced in ability more than lesser rated players and some players appear to have a greater reduction than others. It would be desirable to have every player reduced that same amount when normalizing.

    Computer player-trade offers are awful. This was fixed for the first year but not for subsequent years.

    Computer teams ignore the salary cap. The computer teams have their players' cap impact adjusted to stay under the cap...
    Quality players are never released by the computer teams.
    Free Agency is worthless since quality players are never released.
    Computer teams get first choice at Free Agents after the draft with the human player getting only left-overs...

    Kick and punt return ratings above 95 are reduced to the 70s when the game is saved and restarted.

    Excessive number of missed FGs in the 30 to 39 yard range and too high a success rate from 40+ yards.

    Statistics. They do not reflect the play-by-play in the recap file. The wrong players are attributed for fumbles, TDs, etc.
    Defensive sacks do not display 1/2 sacks (in the Box score).

    Playoff algorithm. The home team is incorrectly assigned as the team with the best record. A Wild Card team with
    a better record does NOT host a Division winner with a worse record.

    Not affecting game play but desirable:

    Make download of logos / pictures optional on start of program.

    Retain the GM's (my) selection of columns to view in Sortable Stats, College Draft, Find Players and Free Agents.

    In Player->Trades replace the Salary field with Cap Impact. Cap impact is far more important than salary.

    In Trading Block, when trading for a specific position, display the fields for that position since only a single player is ever offered.
    Otherwise one has to click on each offer to determine what the actual offer is.

    Fix the program crash when fantasy draft is cancelled before making a pick and then fantasy draft is selected a second time.

    It would be nice (extremely desirable) to have all Draft related menus under a single main menu.

    It would be nice if the awards file actually had some awards in it...

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    Re: Sadly, I Wait...

    I'm guessing its a small shop that can't keep up.
    minor glitches requiring hours of work?

    oh well. not like there's any other game like this out there.

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    Re: Sadly, I Wait...

    No response ever from this guy

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    Re: Sadly, I Wait...

    Unfortunately Clay doesn't take part on the forum actively or on regular basis.
    Best way is to contact
    I don't want to play golf! When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase it! (~Rogers Hornsby)

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    Re: Sadly, I Wait...

    Actually, Clay does read this section of the forum. Just not regularly. He does regularly read the Bugs section.

    I was directly contacted by Clay about the issues I raised. He has been addressing the issues but it goes slowly. It is a one-man shop supporting two products and BBM is the money product.

    One issue that he is currently working on is the overly-high win rate by poor teams.

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