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Thread: Official Patch: Version 16.06

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    Official Patch: Version 16.06

    Version 16.06 for Football Mogul 19 has been posted here:

    Improvements in 16.06:
    • Player ratings updated (using stats and game results through Week 14).

    Notable improvements in 16.05:
    • League Editor: added "Kickoff Location", "Spot After Missed Field Goal" and "Player Aging".
    • Increased simulation accuracy for fumbles, sack fumbles and fumble returns.
    • Fixed player aging bug (some players were declining VERY slowly in their 30s and 40s).

    Notable improvements in 16.03 and 16.04:
    • Fixed AI bug causing super-long field goal attempts.
    • Tweaked touchdown rate on kick returns, punt returns, interceptions and fumble recoveries.
    • Bug fix: TD on final play sent playoff games into overtime (even if score wasn't tied).
    • Fixed missing defensive stats in box score.
    • Fixed vital stats (e.g. height/weight) for 5 players.
    • Updated team defensive schemes for 2018 ('3-4' vs. '4-3').

    Improvements in 16.01, 16.02:
    • Improved player ratings.
    • Improved (non-pixelated) display of downloaded player photos and team logos.
    • Updated help files.


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