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Thread: Playoff bug in historic seasons

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    Playoff bug in historic seasons

    I was playing in the 1951 season, got through the regular season, but the playoffs were not accessible. It tried to send me straight to the off season.

    I did some checking, and the same thing happens every season from 1951 to 1960. I keep getting messages that "Conferences with two divisions require at least 1 wild card" and "Conferences with four divisions require at least 1303 wild cards".
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    Re: Playoff bug in historic seasons

    One workaround I've derived for at least 1951 is to move the NFL West Teams to a separate conference and turn on the Super Bowl; this will at least allow a championship game to take place. Better than nothing.

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    Re: Playoff bug in historic seasons

    I'm also having tons of problems with 50s play and wild cards.

    tried to rename (new cities) the teams in 1953 (minor league scenario). message came up about divisions and wild cards.
    would play regular season and freeze up for playoffs.
    tried to re-arrange into three divisions with one WC. same
    three divisions and two WCs. same.
    set to play multiple seasons. same.
    very frustrating. I think I've had more bugs on this game than the previous versions.

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