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Thread: FM 20 vs FM 21 Defense Rating Issues

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    FM 20 vs FM 21 Defense Rating Issues

    Wondering why the defensive ratings for players are almost 10 points lower in FM 21 vs FM 20.
    I have only checked a few, but what is the algorithm that causes such a drastic result?
    Thanks for any response.

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    Re: FM 20 vs FM 21 Defense Rating Issues

    I don't think it's *all* defensive ratings, but I do see that there is only one player with a Tackling rating of 90+.

    All player ratings are calibrated so that the league average for starters is 70. Ratings like Pass Coverage have a wide variation between the best (Defensive Backs) and the worst (Defensive Tackles), so there are many players with 90+. Tackling has less variation so it tops out at 90 in the 2020 database.

    Anyway, I'm double-checking the numbers now for a roster update.

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    Re: FM 20 vs FM 21 Defense Rating Issues

    Thanks Clay, I will add...the defensive players from the 1970's, (that I have looked at, for example) have lower ratings in FM 21 vs FM 20.
    I was wondering what may have caused these ratings to change.
    I have worked out adjustments for my benefit using a new method to rate the defensive players from the past. (different from what I posted in the past)
    The results are quite noticeable & satisfying...for me.
    I am in the process of using the files in the Input/Ratings/Replay & or Simulation folder to see if it is a more efficient way to do what I want vs using the excellent editor.
    We will see about that.
    I am more of a 'season replay' fan than a 'season to season' manager fan, so my emphasis is on statistical accuracy for a season & not a career. (as close as can be achieved, anyways)

    Thank you for your work, much appreciated. appears that the data per Solo Tkl, Assists, Pass Defense, etc. is what determines the ratings; so I am sure that it is a difficult task to implement all that data...particularly when it is not available.
    Thus, I use formulas that emphasize the available statistics that corelate to winning to input data that generates the desired ratings.

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