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Thread: BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

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    BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

    In 1973, George Hendricks has -1 Home Runs and -10 Runs vs. Right Handers on the lineup page. He has 1 HR and 10 Runs vs Lefties, giving him a net of 0 of each on his Batting tab. On the Splits tab he has -2 SH vs. Right and 2 vs Left, giving a net of 0 on the batting tab. See attached screenshots.
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    Re: BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

    I encountered this issue when, during a blowout game, I inserted Phil Ervin to pitch for the Reds. His horrible pitching line ended up affected his batting stats. Go figure.

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    Re: BBM 23.12 Negative Stats

    Is this right after you started a New Game in 1973? Or did you start playing in a previous season?
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