FB Mogul 2020 v17.0.2 on Fan setting with fictional players.

QB completion percent is too low in the initial weeks of a season.

In commissioner mode I set a QB to 99 for Accuracy, Distance, Control, Red Zone and Mobility.
I also set Hands, Speed, Power, Quickness and Vision each to 99.
Turned injuries off so there was no substitution due to injury.

Result: completion % in 8 runs of week 1: 28, 56, 52, 56, 47, 37, 38, 42.

For a QB with a 99 rating in accuracy one would expect at least 70% completions?
By the way the defensive team was B rated for these runs. So not a great defense.

This result has been consistent across many simulations which is why I finally decided to make the QB all 99s. The low % completion has to be in the code and not a anomalous random factor.