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Thread: My thoughts on Football Mogul

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    My thoughts on Football Mogul

    Let me preface this by saying I have played several hours of the game, it has a lot of amazing potential, but I have asked for (and been granted) a refund for the game for the reasons I am going to give. Once resolved, I will repurchase the game:

    1. It appears to be impossible to simulate from the earliest date to the present. I think the game can't get beyond the transition from pre-SB era to the SB era.

    2. Future Hall of Famers rarely live up to their expectations. Some of them are rated fairy low as rookies. I never see them rise to greatness. I'd like to see future HoFers and near HoFers live up to their greatness, at least most of the time. I was packing my roster with HoFers and I was perennially going 8-8.

    3. I'm not sure why, but it seems that career shortening injuries happen too frequently. 8/10 that I drafted a blue chip QB or RB they seemed to get injured and drop to backup quality for the rest of their career.

    4. New teams aren't added to the league as time goes by.

    5. The stats are a bit wonky in simulations. The league doesn't adjust to the times. Rushing era, passing era, etc. Players don't seem to really rack up anywhere close to 100 career sacks, for instance.

    6. Players beyond 2020 never have substantial career. I played as Dak Prescott and I kept resigning him until he was 100 years old. I kept starting him for fun (Dallas didn't win for 60 years!). In the process of this, I realized that the career leaders only had maybe 3 fictional future players in any of the categories.

    I have other issues, but these are the major ones i have as someone that simulates seasons and plays as GM. I will repurchase the game when these are fixed. Until then, it isn't much of a similator as it is just a football PC game with players that happen to have similar names as historical players. I want a living and breathing NFL history. I'm sure others might want the same.

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    Re: My thoughts on Football Mogul

    1) agree. all sorts of shaky when you play early stuff.
    2) my system lists Jonathan Ogden as a guard. he played guard one year and became a HOF tackle. some players in FM don't track nearly like their real careers.
    3) injuries are a crap shoot. random I guess.
    4) no we have to add expansion teams manually. and keep an eye on alignments and number of Wild Card teams etc.
    5) agree, which is odd considering the game is based on stats. sometimes teams run routine plays when down by four and 20 seconds left.
    6) I haven't gone beyond 2020 yet.

    what can we say, the game is flawed. I still enjoy it.

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