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Thread: 3 year stat limit

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    3 year stat limit

    I starte play in 1961
    It is now 1984 and the 'vs' stats (vs team, player) all stop at 63 even player who entered after 63 making that feature useless by the 80's

    please fix this

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    Re: 3 year stat limit

    Yes, I've noticed this with BM 2018. After 1 or 2 seasons of play, they completely disappear. It's fun to look at with head-to-head matchups with some of the all-time greats in your simulation, but after a couple seasons, those numbers are gone.

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    Re: 3 year stat limit

    I've mentioned this before and my post has been deleted. I wish they would fix this, it only registers for two years and then nothing...after that.

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