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Thread: Brooklyn Blues

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    Re: Brooklyn Blues

    [QUOTE=birdsin89;1627902]hotchickenstew: Great to hear from you again. Glad you like it. Just remember I "promised" that I would not finish it.

    * * *

    Didn't know you were back to the writing! I'll catch up.
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    Re: Brooklyn Blues

    LazyKingDave: Probably not much longer, but more as the mood strikes me. Good to see you again. Hope you enjoy. Thanks!

    * * *

    June, 2021

    Verlander won again, the first night of the draft, in Kansas City. Ross Whiteside made his case for staying in the rotation, and we took two of three in KC.

    Tampa continued to hold the lease on us. Except when Verlander pitched. He actually became the first ten-game-winner in the American League. I mean, he's no John Means, 13 - 0 with an ERA under two for the Marlins. But for a 38-year-old, in his twentieth season, who was just supposed to be an innings eater for us? Makes you wonder what could have happened in his career if a few breaks had gone his way, or if things were a little different. One of the things I like most about baseball, actually.

    Didn't help him against the Red Sox in his next start. A nifty little 13 - 8 loss.

    Up in Boston, the Resistance became the Resurgence. They won six of seven, and the one loss was an extra-inning 1 - 0 one. Us? we pulled out one against Cousin Dan's Orioles, got swept by the Red Sox, and in our shutout loss to the Royals, Markakis strained his elbow and Ryan Thelen broke his wrist. Put another way, our number 3 and number 5 batters were lost to us, Thelen for at least a month. But it's okay. We've got depth. We brought up Rob Lemons to ride the pine while Aaron Walsh took over behind the plate. Lemons is a 56/57, 28 year old with zero days of major league experience. For a reason. Walsh is 31 years old, and actually has a career to look back on, once even batting .301 for the Blue Jays. But he also got hurt back in 2017, and has fewer than 100 games to his credit since. Oh, and he's 67/67. So you can see we're all very excited.

    We're an interesting pair of teams, Mass and us. Our team ERA is somewhere between five and six. Theirs, depressingly, is under four. They would be near the top of our league, and are somewhat near the middle of the pack in the majors as a whole. We are by far the worst. Individual pitchers on my staff have individual good games. Even the kid, Horon, seems to figure it out now and then, and I'm really hoping that between Verlander and Whiteside (who, having won two games, becomes one of the staff aces) Horon will be able to keep his head about him as he learns about the big league level.

    I'd love to say that, while the Resistance could pitch, our hitting was better than theirs. And it would even be true, our team average is about twenty points higher than theirs. Hell, we're not the worst in the majors in batting. No. We're fourth worst. Mass is at a mind-boggling .208 team average. Cleveland and San Fran are at .220. We're all the way up at .226. Start printing the World Series tickets now, boys.

    You know how there are those who say that a one run game is the purest of luck? That it could go either way, and over a long season, it will? Well. Without our one run games, we're even worse than we really are. We're 9 - 3 in those. That is, by the way, the fewest one run games of any team in the majors. To me, all that means is that, while we tend to win the games in which we keep them in shouting distance, the other ones we get blown out in style. Seriously. 510 runs allowed, only 286 scored. That level of math, I can do.

    David Morgan is leading our team in batting. But with a .270. He's also leading in home runs, with 15 (league lead is 25), and RBIs with 40 (league lead is 67). This is a 32 year old who I signed planning to trade him at the deadline. The thing about that is, as Kyser often said, and says, he needs bodies to stand on the field and lose. If I trade Morgan, and the ever-asked-for Delahanty, who do I have left?

    Anyway, as the month went on, they kept winning. We kept...well, we kept playing. We celebrated on the 15th when Detroit's Mark Armbruster pitched a perfect game. Our celebration was mainly that it wasn't against us.

    Mal and I continued to have to work together closely. As long as we stuck to baseball and music, we were generally okay. Colt said something about getting a room, but Colt says that all the time. Besides, he couldn't be further from the truth. Mal is an executive who can't make a decision, and doesn't trust the ones she does make. It can't go that way. I'm at the top of the org chart. I make baseball decisions quickly, and cleanly, and if they get challenged, oh well. Unless it's something like the Amella situation, that was different. Shut up.

    We hosted the Orioles to round out the month, while Tom's team hosted the Earthquakes. Neither team in orange and black was likely to win anything this year. I got to have another visit to Tangles, in Plainville, with Tom. I stayed sober this time. Tom went through another bartender. I had a question for him, which he deftly pushed me off onto someone else.

    In the games? We split, and Verlander lost his touch, but some others picked it up. The Resistance? Swept the Quakes, and won the last 11 games they played this month. We finish June exactly one game ahead of them. That is not good enough.

    Not good enough at all.

    On the other hand, down in my minors, Greg Aaron is tearing it up. Well, okay, he's batting .311, which I would love to have at literally any other level of my organization. Needs to learn to take a walk, but that comes with experience. OPS of .887. An idea presents itself to me - I'm getting trade offers for Matt Delahanty every single day, even though I signed him back in April. What if I moved the kid up? I know, baseball isn't like that any more. But you know, Lou Gehrig did happen once. He could happen again. With a better ending, I hope.
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