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Thread: Unofficial Patch: Baseball Mogul 2020 Version 23.01

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    Unofficial Patch: Baseball Mogul 2020 Version 23.01

    Version 23.01 of Baseball Mogul 2020 is now available here.

    Changes from Version 23.00 to 23.01 include:
    1) 2020 MLB season schedule.
    2) Missing "rookies" signed from Japan and Korea.
    3) More accurate opening day payrolls.

    Known issues that will be fixed in Version 23.02:
    1) Hall Of Fame is empty when you start a new game.
    2) All-Time Leader Boards are sometimes missing some players (all-time leaders can still be viewed accurately in Sortable Stats).
    3) Problems displaying Game Logs correctly.

    You can download the patch installer here:


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