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Thread: Stadium photos import location

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    Stadium photos import location

    I bought the 2019 version, and now playing the expansion 1977 Mariners but I can't seem to locate where to import the photo of the Kingdome? Or any stadium photos?

    Where, and how, is this done?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Stadium photos import location

    Hey there Craig,

    It looks like the game puts this under the Skins folder. Even weirder, it may only be under ONE of the subfolders. So for instance:

    Sports Mogul / Baseball Mogul 2019 / Skins / Navy / Stadiums

    That's the folder. And for the Mariners, their image name is PBP-Stadium-Seattle.JPG

    I think you'd have to name your image the same, then drop it in that folder, and then it should show up!

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