About three weeks ago I posted here about the GM feature NOT eliminating the salary cap problem in the draft----rec'd no response whatsoever----today I started a new league in 1951-----in the draft after the 51 season I took Bob St. Clair and Joe schmidt with my first two picks-----after the 52 season both these players were available in that draft as well----so I went back and totally there were at least 47 players that were drafted in 51 on the 52 draft list----how can we play this game ??? I know this issue has been reported before but obviously Clay really doesn't care about Football Mogul because the issue is still there and the draft salary issue is still there and nothing is being done to fix either of them. Becoming more and more angrey I began going through rosters and the number of players that have been assigned positions they did NOT actually play is astounding-----guys that had 1 carry from scrimmage and are in the Hall of Fame as receivers
are playing running back, great cornerbacks (Hall of Famers) are playing safety, great safeties are playing corner, MLB's are playing OLB, OLB's are playing MLB and on and on !!! Appreciated the attempt to recreate old rosters but they are so inaccurate it is a joke. Then I looked at the offensive schemes of the teams in the fifties and everytime you start a new career between 8 and 10 teams are set up with 3 wide receiver schemes. In the fifties nobody played three wides---most teams played two tight ends or a TE a SE and a FL and the Pittsburgh Steelers were still playing a single wing offense. What I had hoped would be a fun gaming experience going back in time is just a MESS !!