I'm in a league using Mogul 2011. We are just wrapping up the 2000 season and saw fictional players for the first time. I'm trying to find a way to update the data files in the 2011 input/players folder to include players from 2011 on, to try and minimize fictional players and keep my league going strong for a while yet. (some people are fine with fictional, others not so much - just trying to find a middle ground). We're only at 24 teams, so with the real-life players thru 2019, we should be all set for 6 rounds of drafting for a while yet!

The 2011 engine clearly uses the Master.csv file to grab draftee data, but not all player data is in there. It doesn't have ratings or anything, so those must come from an additional file. Other people in the league say the data files changed after 2017, so they can't just throw me that data to load.

Has anyone done data updates like this before? I am wondering if I have to do it all myself - and if so, then I might as well input new players from 2019 too, and get that draft class maxed out!