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Thread: 1962 Season

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    1962 Season

    Thought I would share my, slightly, modded version of the 1962 season.
    This, of course, is the year of one of the greatest teams ever assembled.

    Admittedly, having to play only 1 playoff game to decide a title is a lot...easier than by today's standards;
    but that does not detract from Green Bay's impressive performances week in & week out.
    Except for their Thanksgiving Day debacle at Detroit, who, btw, finished 11-3.

    The files I have attached represent the 1962 season with my personal adjustments.
    The included 'Smash Mouth II' Playbook is not my creation, but I did tweak it for the FBs.

    Any & all critiquing is most welcome.

    BTW, this is not meant to be used per the normal way the game is played. This is, simply, a one season replay 'mog file'.
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