Player career stats do not load correctly for all players. Many players are missing stats from a particular year in which they played for multiple teams. For example, Andy Benes as loaded in Classic Mode for the 1996 Season does not show his stats for the San Diego Padres for 1995, it only shows the Seattle Mariners. It does combine the stats for the player though. It is labeled in the database correctly, so for whatever reason it does not divide the two years.

Rickey Henderson does the same thing. His 1989 season in which he plays for the Yankees and A's is combined but his 1993 season does split for his time in New York and Toronto but it then returns to combine years in 1997 when he plays for the Padres and Angels.

Sometimes, I am unsure if anybody looks at these, because Phillip Barzilla who had a cup of coffee with the Houston Astros in 2006 never loads and I mentioned this months ago.