Number 1 despite the first patch there are still problems in GM mode with signing draft choices, simply the game keeps telling me I cannot sign them as there is no cap room. Don't know if the problem is the cap (wasn't one in 1951) or the management of salaries and income by the computer but something isn't right. Number 2 (this has happened in the last three leagues I have started) somewhere early in the season, first five games, one of the screens simply quits displaying the info it is supposed to-----one time it was the leader page after week 1 it was fine after week two the page showed up but there was nothing on it but the headers. Another time it was the standings page it worked through three weeks after week four it displayed just the NFL averages no teams records were shown. The third time it was again the leaders page that showed up blank beginning in week 5 after functioning just fine for four weeks. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.