Dear Baseball-Moguls out there.
Updating to BM 2019 2 days ago I again had to realize that the program surface with the standard skins still has a very outdated look in my point of view.
So that's why I also updated my rework of the old "Smooth Blue" skin by Enzoli.

So that's why I want to present you my skin called "Smooth Blue 2019" this time.
BUT I want to say that the credits don't belong to me, I just used files from other downloads and combined them in a way i like it and made just small adjustments where I thought they are necessary.
So my skin contains things from:
- the original "Smooth Blue 09" skin by Enzoli
-> Link:

Download link =>

I definitely recommend to use my skin together with the "official" internal downloads for logos and photos in BM 2019.
and VOBS Portrait Updates and Stadium Pics for 2018:

And if that's not enough I still recommend these Packs although they may be a bit outdated.
+ Chris J. Nelsons Action Set:
+ Chris J. Nelsons Portrait Set:
+ Chris J. Nelsons Logo pack:
+ some team logos from the www (if you don't like the downloaded ones)
Unfortunately I don't know if there are more updated photo packs out there cause the mod sub forum does not have an updated sticky post as an up-to-date summary.

Please let me know if you like my skin or if you find any graphic errors or other bugs.