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    Play Clock

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had good Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    I'm new to this excellent simulation and am currently just tinkering with the demo before making a purchase (once the finances have recovered from Christmas!!).

    This is probably a very simple one and something I have missed completely but where do I find the play clock? I have tried locating it whilst playing the game but for some reason it is eluding me so I am guessing that I have possibly missed a setting somewhere to show it or it is blatantly staring me in the face and I am missing it lol.

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Re: Play Clock

    Since there are changes between versions it is important to mention the version you are playing.

    I do not believe that there is a play clock. Only a time-remaining clock. I have run various versions of the game over many years and have never seen a menu item for a play clock. The play clock (or more accurately for the sim, the time taken for a play) is not random but generally based upon the type of play run. However, there are opportunities for improvement by the developer such as the addition of a "hurry up" option at the end of the half and game.

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