Revisiting as an adult! I mean I was 26 when i first visited the forum, but now I'm 37. This was a bad financial year, with a diabetic cat, new house purchase, and a huge 401k problem with my company. Point being, I gave almost nothing away for Xmas, and felt terrible. But people still saw fit to send or gift me things, which was incredible. I am very happy.

Anyway on to the goods:

- box of brownies (boss)
- $100 amazon gift card (boss)
- $50 amazon gift card (mother in law)
- Serving tray, 4 piece fine glassware, wooden bottle opener for bar area (mother in law's neighbors)
- $100 in Apple gift cards (wife)
- $15 panera gift card (wife)
- 2lb of Chukar Cherries chocolate covered pecans (best friend)
- bass guitar picks, Guns Germs and Steel book, plastic stirring implement (sister)
- new Roku for my office TV (sis in law)
- $50 gift card to a Thai place, some chocolates (wifes old boss and her husband)
- $30 Costco gift card, some toffee pretzels (wife's boss' family)
- new WW2 USS Indianapolis book (guitarist)

I am incredibly fortunate to have friends and a boss that pick me up in this difficult year.