These issues also apply to Find Players, College Draft and Free Agents Edit Columns.

1. The player selected columns are not retained. Sometimes the columns presented appear to be randomly chosen. Clearing and then re-selecting the desired columns rapidly becomes tedious. The player selected columns for display should be retained individually for each viewing option (Sortable Stats, Find Players, College Draft and Free Agents).

2. The box on the right has a selection for Quarterback Ratings yet there are no QB Ratings in the Column Chooser. There they are listed as "Grade". Should be consistent and label them Ratings as is done for other positions.

3. For Field Goals and Punting, the Ratings are not listed as Ratings in the Column Chooser or in the right-side box. Yet that is what they are. They should be labeled as such.

4. You can clear all stats but can not select all stats. Given that player selections are not retained, at least provide the option to select all.

5, You can only select one set of player attributes from the right-side box but the attributes that are selected are not all those associated with the position. Furthermore the selection fails to include information that is probably wanted, such as the player's age when looking at player ratings.

If the player selections are not retained, the selections should be check boxes so that multiple selections can be made and should by default include the player's team, age, position, overall rating and peak rating.

The ideal is to retain the settings that the player has chosen for viewing.