1. From one simulation: 4th quarter, 4 seconds left. Team that is trailing by 1 point is on the opposing Team's 4 yard line. Instead of kicking the winning FG, they attempt a pass which fails and lose the game. This also happens at the end of a half and in overtime! Also, in overtime a team will attempt a long FG prior to 4th down (instead of trying to gain yards and make it a shorter attempt).

2. Linebackers appear to have a more significant impact than any other defensive position OR the home field advantage is extravagant. A simulation was run 10 times where the home team's only positional advantage was at LB. At all other offensive, defensive, and special team positions the visiting team was better (overall ratings were an average of 2.5 points better with a QB rated 7 points higher and in his peak years). The mediocre home team won 8 of 10 simulations.

Excessive home field advantage or excessive LB valuation?

3. For one simulation, the two top RBs for the season were rated 82 and 79. All 8 RBs rated 88 to 90 were between 0.9 and 2.5 YPC less. An 88 rated RB with a C rated Offensive Line (OL) got 4.66 YPC. While an 89 rated RB with an B+ OL got 4.65 YPC. This is not atypical. The combination of RB and OL should have a greater affect on YPC.

4. For the same sim, a 64 rated punter averaged 0.5 yard per punt more than an 86 rated punter. A 69 rated punter did better than 7 punters rated between 80 and 89. A kicker rated 90 had a lower success rate than a kicker rated 69. A 64 rated kicker made all of his attempts < 40 yards and was 15 for 17 total. While two kickers rated 90 made 75% of their FGs (finishing 27th and 28th worst success % of the 32 starting kickers).

5. For QBs it is laughable. For a season simulation, these were the leagues top 10 QBs' (470+ attempts) Overall / Peak Ratings in order best to worst completion percentage:

62/69, 85/85, 54/54, 64/78, 58/65, 82/82, 64/73, 86/88, 83/83, 86/86.

The QB rated 54/54 had an accuracy rating of 48 and completed 67% of his passes!! The ratings of the players should be more closely related to their performance. while a 54/54 rated QB may have an occasional great game, an entire season is beyond unlikely.

6. As commissioner move all the top players at each position to one team. Simulate the first year multiple times with injuries off. Go to the Leaders board each time and check out how your superstar team did. For multiple sims, not one of the players on the team made the top 10 in completions, receptions, sacks, interceptions, passes defended, forced fumbles, tackles, punt average or field goal percent! Your results may vary...

7. The advantage to the home team should be 2.5 points a game. In the sims, the visiting teams appear to do much better than that. Haven't tested this enough to be sure so this is just an observation.

It would be nice if the standings summary included columns for Home and Away wins. Would then be easy to check whether roughly 58% of home games were won.