Awards Output File: Only QB awards are listed. No other positions.

Standings Output File: Would be nice to list home/away wins.

Simulation Results File: Would be nice to list home/away wins. Current output is confusing even with the explanation in the help file. The following is the output from running a 20 season simulation:

Team Division Won Lost WC LC 1R 1st Wild 2nd 3rd 4th
Atlanta NFC South 7.75 8.10 0 0 7 0 7 5 7 8
Carolina NFC South 7.25 8.70 0 0 1 0 1 2 7 11
New Orleans NFC South 10.80 5.20 2 4 11 10 17 8 2 0
Tampa Bay NFC South 10.65 5.30 1 0 13 10 14 5 4 1

Note that New Orleans won the Division 10 times and was a Wild Card 17 times. This is not useful. Were they a Wild Card team 7 times as Division winner and 10 times when not? Or 7 times when not? 17 or 20 playoffs in 20 years?

Would suggest using the columns: World Champion (WC), Conference Champion (CC), Divisional Champion (DC), Wild Card Winner (WCW), 1st, 1st (WC), 2nd, 2nd (WC), 3rd, 3rd (WC), 4th. So 1st but a Wild Card would go in the 1st (WC) column and 1st would only have bye Divisional winners. Same for 2nd and 3rd. Also, each level the team got a win they would have a tally. So, above, for Tampa Bay they would have a 1 in the LC column.

Otherwise there is significant room for confusion. For example look at New Orleans above. Did they win 17 1R games or 11? 6 LC or 4?