Player Rating Reduction: In order to force a player's "return to norm", the ability of any player who has a "great" season is reduced. This ensures that a player will not have two consecutive "great" seasons. This is unnecessary and actually deleterious.

Without changing the player's ability, if he has a one chance in 5 for a great season, the likelihood of a repeat the next year is 1 in 5. So the likelihood of two such seasons in a row is therefore 1 in 25. By reducing the ability of the player, the likelihood of a repeat great season becomes much less than 1 in 5 for the remainder of his career. In fact, it increases the likelihood that he will have a sub-norm season the following year instead of a return to norm.

This adjustment should be removed from the code base. At the very least make it an optional setting under Tools->Options.

Player Aging: Based upon the birthday (not the season). So the week following a player's birthday he can become significantly worse. So every week you must check your lineup to ensure your best players are your starters. Aging should be done seasonally. Players don't suddenly become worse the day after their birthday... This also negatively affects the drafting of players.

Player Ratings: Peak start determines the Peak rating of a player. For example when a player age 23, rated 85/86 with a peak start of 24 has his peak start changed to 28 his new peak is 90. A player's peak ability should be independent of when his peak years occur.

Player Trades: Using the Trading Block, the computer teams do not offer a player as good as the player offered (unless the offered player is geriatric). After the first year, the offers become even worse.

Player Free Agents: Quality players NEVER become free agents. This is OK for a 50s or 60s simulation but for years after the 70s, this is not realistic. This highlights another issue: the computer teams are not constrained by the salary cap or cash on hand. So they don't have to release players.

Player Search: In Find Players, the default for attributes is 50. It should be zero. The default value excludes players from the retrieval. The default should find all players at the selected position.

Player Salaries: These rapidly become excessive so that the human team can not compete. Yes, salary "demands" are settable under League->League Editor->Salary Demands; however, even when setting this the demands escalate to exorbitant levels (including draft signings).

Players on Computer Teams: New players, never seen in the Free Agent list, magically appear on the computer teams. Further, after a draft the computer teams take undrafted Free Agents before the human controlled team can view the Free Agent list.

The computer teams should only take Free Agents AFTER the human player starts play of the next week. All new players should be added to the Free Agent list before any team can sign them.