Draft: Players have major attribute losses following draft and before the first game. This is due to a player aging algorithm which is based upon the birthday (not the season)! This makes the scouting budget worthless for the draft.

Draft: Trade your draft picks the first year. You get good offers for the first 3 trades. Try it in the second year (or later) and the offers are terrible. After the first year, even if you offer the overall first pick in the draft, you won't get offers of a 1st round pick in the same year.

The trading algorithm used for the first year trading should be used in subsequent years.

Draft: Can not run the draft a pick at a time. So there is no opportunity to trade up if a player is available later than anticipated. Probably doesn't matter since the amount required to trade up after the first year is ridiculous.

Draft Main Menu Pull-down: The game needs the addition of a College Draft menu selection with all draft related selections under it instead of Draft related items being under multiple menus.