Player Names: Some players' names are not capitalized. This is annoying and trivial to prevent.

Draft Order: This has been incorrect for over a decade despite being repeatedly raised as an issue. Currently, draft order is set based solely upon a team's regular season record with the exception of the Super Bowl teams. In the NFL, all playoff teams draft AFTER non-playoff teams based upon the round in which they are eliminated.

Draft: Now has a file (Input->DraftStrategy) where you can adjust the Draft Strategy. Unfortunately, it does not appear to have the described affect on the draft.

Playbook / Defensive Scheme miss-match: When the Defensive Scheme (Team->Defense->Defensive Schema) does not match the Playbook (Team->Playbook) scheme (4-3 vice 3-4) the stats are incorrectly attributed. For example the 2nd DT will have zero contribution (tackles, sacks, etc). If the miss-match is 3-4 vice 4-3, the non-starting DT will have more tackles than the starting DT (a DT rated 75 with 0 starts will have more tackle than a starting DT rated 85).

This miss-match also applies to the Offense. In a 2 RB offense, the second RB will have few, if any, carries. The scheme selected is not reflected in the player stats. This happens for both the human and computer teams.

Stats: For a fumble recovery for a TD, the TD is attributed to one player in the Replay file and a different player in the Box Score file.

Stats: Punt and Kick return TDs are listed under Defensive TDs in the box scores when the returner is a defensive player. Perhaps the box score needs a Return TDs column?

Sortable Stats: Sometimes the players' names are not displayed.

Inflation Factor: At one time this could be set to zero so there would be no inflation factor. This no longer works. After a regular season every team will have -100 million dollars.

Themes: Fixed once, now broke. Once you select a theme, it does not stay selected. Select a theme. Start a new game and you are back to the default "Earth" theme. This was fixed in a previous version.

Game Simulation: Failure to kick.

From one simulation: 4th quarter, 4 seconds left. Team that is trailing by 1 point is on the opposing Team's 4 yard line. Instead of kicking the winning FG, they attempt a pass which fails and lose the game. This also happens at the end of a half and in overtime! Also, in overtime a team will attempt a long FG prior to 4th down (instead of trying to gain yards and make it a shorter attempt).